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G   A   L   A   C   T I   C         F   E   D   E   R   A   T   I   O   N         S   T   O   N   E   H   E   N   G   E
The Sacred Site of AGARTHA in Matawini have been discovered by Astraelia at the age of 7 after a powerful mystical experience occurred as a Great Blue Heron came levitate over him his wings spread opened in the center of the sun. It is a very ancient sacred site, whose discovery have been kept a secret for more than 50 years. This megalithic site goes back to the previous Age of Light on Earth, and is being reactivated to play it's inspiring role in the birthing of the New Age of Light. This New Age of Light is expected to arise with the return of the Ancestors, those the indigenous peoples call the ''Star Nations'' the great Armada of the Galactic Federation of Light actually around our Planet.

The time has come for the discovery of the fundamentally spiritual nature and meaning of the presence of the Celestrial civilizations actually around Earth in the invisible spectrum. These spiritually advanced extraterrestrial civilizations of the Light, are sent here by Prime Creator, in a paramount mission of birthing the spiritual Ascension of humanity. They are both our archaic genetic ancestors who have seeded humanity on the sacred paradise of Gaia, and are also what we know to be the Gardian Angels sent here by Prime Creator to assist him in the full implementation of the Divine Plan of return to the spiritual dimensions, that has been prophesied by the Ancients for Earth Humanity.

The disclosure and landing of the Galactic Federation Armada will be leading to the eventual revelation of the long hidden secret of the existence of the Inner Earth Agartha Kingdom who will play a key role in the Ascension process by providing light transformation chambers that will enable us to reaccess the forgotten memory of who we are, and will reconnect our chakras that have been closed since the great devolution that occurred at the end of the Atlantean Era. The members of the 5th dimensional Agartha Kingdom are the descendants of the LEMURIAN ancient Star Civilization that have built the Agartha sacred site. They had to find shelter in the womb of Gaia after the invasion of the Dark Empire of Anchara who covertly took over our beloved planet 550 thousand years ago.

The impending Spiritual Ascension process is accessible to all spiritually inclined people of Earth who wish to walk on this sacred path of their own free will.   We are destined to become the steward gardians of Gaia that will be reborn in it's original state of a sacred paradise planet of the Light existing on the 4th and 5th dimensional level.

Astraelia is also a contactee for the Galactic Federation of Light, a Light Worker working ''on the sacred side of things'', reactivating the primordial living link between Earth and the Spiritual Dimensions, through the medium of ceremonies, sacred singing and tantric extatic yoga practices. This whole story of the discovery of Matawini is a genuine living legend of our time, bringing us a glimpse of the Light, Bliss and Divine Love which is our true destiny has it will be revealed to all of us in 2012. This is the magnitude of what is being hidden from us, behind the whole secrecy on the subject of UFO presence around our planet, and on the profound spiritual meaning of the Ascension process that is to occur in 2012.

The celestial legions of the Angels of the Light are here, in their heavenly vehicules of living light that we still call UFO, in this paramount mission involving the greatest UFO Armada ever assembled, including over 1000 giant Motherships, dozens of Planetoid size Starships, and over 15 millions UFO, in orbit around Earth waiting for a massive First Contact landing, in order to implement the Divine Plan of liberation of Earth from the entrenched remains of the Dark Force of the Illuminati, and the return to the spiritual dimensions of all those that are ready and willing to enter the dimensional portal of 2012, of their own Free Will and with blissful Love and Joy in their heart. A Divine Intervention of very great magnitude is about to happen. May we all soon be One in the supreme Light of Divine Love.

The role of the Agartha site is to be an anchoring point in the Light Grid of Earth for the Light current energies that are being channeled toward Earth from the Galactic Center and the Planetoid size Starships of the Armada of the Galactic Federation, in preparation for the dimensional ascension of 2012, that will bring us back to our previously enjoyed full consciousness.

There are 5 magnificent sacred sites around the Matawini mountain. There is a crystal obelisk in the sacred cave, a megalithic stone circle on the top of the Matawini mountain, & a Cristal Crop Circle of the symbol of the Galactic Federation on the Giant Rock Site and many UFO shaped ancient Dolmens. Crystal Obelisks shaped like ''Flames of Stone'' have been predicted to be found on the site, and after many years of quest, many have been found, the largest one being over 600 pounds. In 2010 a new sacred site has been discovered, the Agartha Pyramid site.

The discovery of the sacred site by Astraelia at the age of 7, is also the fulfillment of an ancient local Indian Elders prophecy, who had predicted the discovery of an important sacred site in Quebec by a seven years old child. This prophecy also mentioned an important Sacred Bundle would be found. The prophecy has in all it's aspects been fulfilled... The Agartha sacred site is dedicated to the return of the New Age of Light & spirituality on Earth, the reunion with our ancestors, the Celestrial Civilizations from the Star Nations, & the Agartha Inner Earth Kingdom, and the dimensional spiritual Ascension Process of 2012.

May the Great Spirit Sun shine it's Bliss in our heart.
May the christed light of love radiate in our hearts
And announce a new Day for Gaia & her faithful guardians
The most important journey, is the one that leads to ourself

Astraelia     astraelia@gmail.com



Brothers do not despair, our Family from the Stars is here with us, they have returned. We are not alone anymore, we now have powerful friends on the side of the Light & Humanity. May they be blessed a thousand times for their immense help. They have come answering the call for assistance from the soul of every aware humans here, who knows our Planet is lead to oblivion by the Mafia of dangerous psychopaths that the Illuminati New World Order Cabal really is. May the Galactic Federation of Light be welcomed with the greatest union of hearts this Planet has ever known. Hope beyond hope is now possible for the future of Mother Earth.

The enemies of the Light will meet with the logic of their willful choice of existence. All that have conspire against Life, no more will find any support from the very sacred Life they have worked against. The lessons have been learned, there is no reason of existing now for the destructive madness of the prevaricators of Humanity. Life must protect her sacred gift. The Enemies of Life shall be thrown into the central Sun of the Galaxy, & return to the nothingness they came from before their soul creation.

God help our Brothers from the Stars, as they are here to manifest your will. We have to put an end to the prison of lies the darkness has made out of your beautiful sacred Earth. We will need all the help we can get Father of the Light.


May the light of dawn awaken in our soul
May our new birth be celebrated
At the four corners of the world
May all that was separated by obscurity
Find itself again unified in the primordial Light

The sacred seeding of Love
In all things have sown the gaze of the infinite
May an indescribable joy irradiates in our heart
On the blessed day of our birth to ourselves

We are the children of the Light
This is what we have successfully been made to forget
From the virginal womb of the Light we have been birthed
The dawn of a new day is awakening
That will see us finally forever

One in the Light




True Love is never created, it already is
never given, it already fills the air with songs
since the end of time

It never forgets you
it is the river of your memory

Never do you need to be forgiven
for in brotherhood it holds you dear

Loves is All that Inspires
And this begins with you

For a Sun in seed you are
Shining and Bright like a thousand stars

In the eyes of Love.


For a long time we have been waiting for a Miracle
We are the Ones we have been waiting for
To open the gateways to the prophesied
Golden Age of Light.
All our prayers and those of our ancestors
will soon be answered
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G   A   L   A   C   T I   C         F   E   D   E   R   A   T   I   O   N         S   T   O   N   E   H   E   N   G   E
For a long time we have been waithing for a miracle
When we are the Ones we have been hoping for
To open the gateways to the New Age of Light.
May an everlasting Age of Light awaken on Earth.
13287 hits
w w w . a s t r a e l i a . w e b s. c o m
M u s i c   f o r   t h e     A s c e n s i o n   -   Music   by   Astraelia   :
( NEW PHOTO SLIDE SHOW of AGARTHA latest discoveries / clic this LINK )

The Sacred Cave of Agartha have been discovered by Astraelia in the Matawini region near Montreal / Quebec / Canada . This discovery happened at the age of 7 after a Great Blue Heron came levitate over him, centered in the middle of the sun with it's wings spread open, inducing a spiritual trance and a very powerful mystical experience.

Soon after this mystical experience, the 7 years old child was guided to discover the Sacred Cave of Agartha who at the moment of it's discovery revealed it's spiritual power in all it's magnitude making it absolutely clear that it was a living and powerfully inspiring sacred site. The Matawini Cave it was later discovered, is part of a very ancient megalithic sacred site where 7 inspiring sacred sites have been discovered around the Matawini Mountain. An Indian that have helped Astraelia understand the nature of this discovery, has eventually revealed he was informed by Indian Elders that an ancient Indian prophecy stated an important sacred site would be discovered in Quebec by a 7 years old child...   This prophecy stated also that an important Sacred Bundle would be discovered. With the 2012 Spiritual Ascension in the making, Astraelia consider the time to share this secret has now come. This prophecy as now been fulfilled...

The Agartha Sacred Site is a very ancient megalithic sacred site that was built by the Kingdom of Agartha who are the surviving descendants of Lumeria who had found refuge in the womb of Gaia in Inner Earth. It was also used by the Galactic Federation during the Age of Light as is indicated by their symbol that is engraved as a crystal crop circle on the side of the Giant Stone site. The local Indians that have later used the sacred site, have inherited these megalithic structures but they have not built them. They themselves affirm that it is not them that could have built them because they where nomadic tribes that traveled lightly.

During his childhood, Astraelia experienced over 12 out of body experiences. In all these occurrences, his soul, his astral body was going fusioning back with his previous incarnation ancestor.   Astraelia was seeing himself holding in his hand a Spherical Power Stone under the Earth, fusioned with the Indian Shaman that was buried under the large tomb size Indian Carpet that have been miraculously found intact in the Sacred Cave. From these astral experiences clear elements eventually brought the understanding that in discovering the sacred cave at the age of 7, Astraelia was also discovering his tomb from a previous incarnation as the chaman of the Matawini site. A ''Spherical Power Stone'' was used by this shaman has his shamanic Bundle, and this Power Stone was in his hands when this shaman died and was buried, demonstrating the great importance that was attributed to it.

This Spherical Power Stone that Astraelia was holding in the astral as a child later came back into this dimension in a very powerful Lightning Strike common spiritual experience that occurred one day as Astraelia and his girlfriend were coming back from a visit to the sacred cave.   For many years after this power stone remained dormant until Astraelia discovered the secret of how to awake it's power by going to sleep with the stone in his hands like he experienced when he had out of body astral experiences as a child. The power of this stone then induced an out of body astral experience, and gave Astraelia access to a heavenly mystical dimension of absolute Bliss, Love, Light and Enlightenment.

There are 7 major sacred sites around the Matawini mountain. The Sacred cave, the Turtle & tree of Life site, the Giant Rock site and the Rock Dome Altar. In the spring of 2010, 3 new sacred site has been discovered, the Pyramid Vault, the Equilibrium megalithic site & the giant Crystal Flame of Stone obelisk of 600 pounds. There is a crystal obelisk in the cave & a large megalithic Stonehenge like stone circle on the top of the Matawini mountain. The largest rectangular stone on the summit is 12 ft. High by 12 ft. long and may weight over 10 tons. There is also found at the base of the Matawini mountain a Megalithic alignment of Giant Triangular Arrow Heads all aligned in growing size order and to the same compass coordinates.

A Crystal Crop Circle signature of the pyramidal symbol of the Galactic Federation of Light has been found on the side of the Giant Stone site. This mega stone is as big as a house and all those that have seen it do say it is the largest rock they have seen in their life. It is symmetrical and faceted like a crystal, with 2 large vaults at the base where a sacred light appeared on discovery, and lead to the discovery of the Sacred Bundle of Obelisk shaped like a Flame of Stone. The Giant Rock has the shape of a Pleiadian UFO.

The Turtle and Tree of Life site is the living embodiment of the symbol and vision of the world wide known   Algonquin Chief William Commanda, who came do a ceremony at the Sacred Cave. William Commanda is the heir and caretaker of many ancient Wampum   Prophecy Belts about our times and the coming of a Fifth World of Light where Humanity will have recreated the sacred circle of life with the Creator, Mother Earth and all Humans that will be bearers of the sacred Light. There is a giant very ancient tree, whose huge roots encircle a 5 ft. tall quartz rock carved by nature to resemble the head of a Turtle, the giant tree being the shell of the Turtle. The Turtle is looking at an ancient dead tree trunk, with a new young tree growing inside the ancestral tree, meaning, there will be a New Age of Light that will grow from the ancient ancestral Tree of Life.

Many Rock Domes have been discovered around the site. But the first and largest of the Rock Domes have a large flat altar stone on top of it that is shaped like a UFO, and on it a small geometric rock message was left there centuries ago for rediscovery in this time. This rock message is shaped like a UFO...   So the message to my best understanding is: UFO's that will come from inside large Mother Ships UFO's may eventually appear at the Matawini site, being an ancient sacred site of the Galactic Federation.

A new major sacred site has been discovered, the Radiant Pyramid Vault site, a huge pyramid structure and vault, that is shaped like a giant crystal, symmetrical on all sides, very similar to a geometric geodesic dome structure. But over that, what is really very mysterious and powerful, is that on both side of this massive 40 feet wide 60 feet deep and 25 feet high pyramid are like 3 parallel power rays vibrating   from the pyramid, each of the 6 parallel ray of stone symmetrically disposed on each side of the Pyramid Vault, is 2 feet wide 6 feet high and 30 feet long! The stone cutting technique used in these power rays, is similar to the INCA stone cutting technique where each stone is of a different shape, corresponding to the surrounding stones shapes.

Whenever he was exploring the sacred site, Astraelia since many years, have been animated from the inside by a vision, that said:   '' Keep your eyes open for - Obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone,   & Raise the ancient Obelisks to awaken the prophesied New Age of Light upon Earth. ''   This motive vision was with him in his explorations, years after years as he was keeping the faith and keeping his eyes opened, until he found the very first Obelisk. It was shaped like a Flame of Stone... It was found under the guidance of a sacred Light that appeared at the discovery of a new sacred site. With the subsequent years of exploration many more Obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone have been dicovered, with the largest one being over 5 ½ feet tall and weigthing around 600 pounds...



Astraelia is also an important contactee who have received over a hundred sightings at the Matawini site and in Montreal, with some major group sightings involving over12 UFO's, and a countdown clock to 2012 that was drawn in the sky at two occasions by a group of UFO's, indicating we are at the eleventh hour, prepare !   In october 2010, an Armada of over 70 UFO flying at very low altitude passed over Astraelia's home in Montreal, almost covering the Night sky from one end to the other.   A Dopler Radar photo of the sky over montreal, revealed the presence of a gigantic Mothership of 100 miles in diameter, in the invisible spectrum, but manifesting both as a Dopler Radar and cloud covering form of 100 miles circular shape.

A great number of Light Orbs, some with prismatic rainbow color, have also manifested in many occasions on the Matawini site. A Crop Circle have also appeared on the very day of the explosion in size greater than the sun of the Blue Katchina - Holmes comet, which is the last sign of the Hopi prophecy. Indicating the entry into the Fifth world of Light and the imminent return of the Ancestors. They are already there..

As the White Guardian Shaman of the Matawini Site for all his life, it has been the contribution of Astraelia to bear the fruits of the dedicated work of many incarnations to bring back to life and to the light, these spiritual treasures that where hidden from the sight of Man since Millenium.

With a whole life time of dedication, chamanic chanting, meditation and prayers, the Matawini Site play's it's uniquely inspired role in the creation of a New Age of Light on Earth by creating and living in the New Age of Light and maintaining alive the vision of the Age of Light that is prophesied for this Ascension of 2012 by the ancients all around the Earth. The ancient Crystal Flame Obelisks have been raised, and the light of day is shining again in their flaming hearts of crystal. May an everlasting Age of Light awaken on Earth.

The Native Elders have told that we have already entered the Fifth World of Light. The Elders reveal that the sacred ceremonies and rituals that so many dedicated people have performed and are continuing to perform in the last few years have anchored us into the Fifth World announcing the return of the Light.

This is the contribution of all the Initiates, all the Shamans and Light Workers of the world, who like Astraelia have nourished of their Light and Prayers, the Sacred Bound with the Creator, with it's messengers the Celestrials, and with Mother Earth. All those initiates that knows and remember how to connect with the Higher Spiritual Dimension of the Prime Creator Light.


May all be at peace
May the Great Spirit sun shine in our hearts.
May we be one with the One
May an everlasting New Age of Light awaken on Gaia



I am the discoverer of a sacred site whose discovery has been prophesied by the Indian Elders here. This ancient prophecy of the Elders says that an important sacred site would be discovered by a 7 years old child in Quebec. I have kept this secret for more than 50 years. With the spiritual ascension of 2012 now in the making, I believe it is time now for me to speak. This is my story, the story of the discovery of the sacred site of AGARTHA in Matawini Quebec and the many revelations that came along the way.

In 1957, at the age of 7 during the summer at my family cottage in the Laurentian mountains of Quebec, I had an extraordinary mystical experience. I awoke in the afternoon after I had an astral experience and I was guided by a powerful force to go out alone in the forest without mentioning nobody in my family, and without my younger brother I was always with at this age. I felt called to go to a large pound I had just discovered a few days ago. When I got there, as I was inside the pound with my feet in the water, I had an encounter with a great Blue Heron that came from the sky coming from the sun and positioned himself in the center of the sun and then levitated over me with the bright sun rays bursting through it’s full opened wings of 7 feet wide. The Great Blue Heron was levitating motionless on the lift of the breeze from the Matawini lake like if time had come to a stand still.

This meeting with the Blue Heron instantaneously induced in me a spiritual trance and at the age of seven, I experienced my first and one of the greatest mystical experience I had in my life. This was a very powerful experience of discovering God’s presence in the energy and the blazing fire of the sun and in everything in this world that was lighted by this all penetrating infinite power of radiating light. The living presence of the Great Spirit was completely breaking through the veil of illusion who was for the time of this encounter with the Blue Heron completely lifted. This living radiant presence was breaking through with an indescribable energy inundating all with it’s glory, power, bliss and ecstasy. And everything was one in the light and love of this living presence...

This was a most powerful experience of initiatic enlightenment and communion with the Divine source of all Light Love and Bliss. I know now 50 years later, that this was the prophetic Proclamation of the New Age of Light on Earth. This Divine prophecy is now unfolding under our very eyes with the imminent revelation of the Spiritual Ascension Process of 2012 that will lead humanity back to the spiritual dimensions of the Light where we belong and originally come from. Back to the virgin womb of the sacred Light.

This meeting with the Blue Heron at the age of seven was my first initiation into the spiritual world for this life. Recently I went back to this pound where this whole story started, and I discovered an ancient rock dome altar similar to the rock dome I discovered later on the Matawini sacred site. I then remembered that I saw this rock dome as a child the day of the Heron meeting, and had found it quite mysterious and was very fascinated by it's presence. I did knew from intuition it was of Indian origin. The presence of this dome Altar means that this area where the pound is located and where I had this mystical experience, was considered to be part of the sacred site.


Soon afterward this spiritual experience with the Great Blue Heron, I had another out of body astral experience again in the afternoon after having taken a nap. When I awoke, it was like if I was another person, or a very mature and advanced part of me. I felt like there was a spiritual master that had awoke inside me and was guiding me. I did not spoke to anyone in my family. I started to walk outside without mentioning anyone where I was going and without my younger brother I always was with at the time. I was attracted like by an enchantment, a powerful & inspiring magical current. I knew I would make some very exotic and mysterious discovery. I had seen from a distance the sacred cave a few days before when I was with my younger brother, but a spiritual guide told me telepathically at that moment that I had to come alone, and not to involve my younger brother, this was something that was for me alone. I accepted this telepathic counsel, and just kept on talking to my brother like if nothing had happened. But I knew I had discovered something absolutely marvelous and of a spiritual nature. So now I was going to see for the first time this great discovery.

As I approached the cave for the first time I behold a Sacred Cave of sublime beauty and inspirational power. I was awe struck. It was a most inspiring and powerful vision, of a nature that I can only term as magico-spiritual. It induced a spiritual trance state in me, and I was not only seeing the physical beauty of the cave, I could sense the magical celestial power of this sacred cave, in all it's magnitude. I was overwelmed by the beauty grace and powerful spirituality that emanates from this natural site .

Even if I was only a child, it was absolutely clear to me that this was a nature's sacred cave, and that the native Indian tribes have felt exactly the same way as they contemplated it. I had a vision, I was seeing from a birds eye view, like if I was an eagle flying over the sacred cave at high altitude and I could see the whole area including the mountain, the great Matawini lake nearby, it was like I was seeing the past, alive in front of my eyes, I saw an Indian tribe living nearby this site. I was seeing a whole village of Indians located around the Mountain south side, and I could see many hundreds of persons going about their daily occupations around the camping ground of their village...

I had discovered a magical place that inspire you to enter in communion with nature. I later found, this Sacred Cave is part of an important ancient megalithic sacred site. I also discovered in the area of the cave, a large indian carpet in an almost intact state with a folding arrangement of 6 feet long by 3 feet wide, that in shamanic language indicates it is the tomb of a shaman. What I did not suspect at the time, is that it was my tomb from a previous incarnation as the shaman of this sacred site that I was discovering at seven years old.

I was informed by an Indian that knew well the Elders here, as he was hearing my story, that there is a prophecy of the local Indian Elders that had prophesied that an important sacred site would be discovered in Quebec by a seven years old child, that it was awaited for ... and that a sacred bundle would also be found.

There is a beautyfull crystal obelisk at the entrance of the sacred cave, and a large 2 feet wide crystal obelisk that is right in the center of the cave inside the passage way. All the sacred cave is in massive quartz crystal.

So for many years I went to the sacred cave to meditate and find inspiration and healing in the great beauty of this sacred cave. I brought all my friends that came sailing with me on my Tornado catamaran on the large lake nearby. We climbed the steep rock facade and once on the summit we climbed on the large rectangular rock on the very top of the mountain.

It always seemed very unusual to me to have a giant 12 feet high rock on the very summit of a mountain. What I did not know at that time is that this giant stone was not alone, it was part of a very large 100 meters, megalithic Stonehenge like stone circle that surround the whole mountain top. For many years I thought that the sacred cave was the only sacred site there. I eventually discovered the large tomb size indian carpet. But I never made any exploration of the area of the site to find more. So years went by without more clue about this discovery. By birth I am a very mystical inclined person, so it was my personal secret paradise on Earth. I felt most greatly honored to have a sacred site dedicated to me and my spiritual path in this life, and I did honored back this wonderful sacred site with my most dedicated devotion, meditations and pursue of the spiritual path. So years and decades went by, I was wondering what was the meaning of this discovery, it was a very personal intimate secret that I kept for myself alone, that I honored with happiness and gratitude, nothing particular ever happened with this sacred site.
But that was about to change...


On a summer afternoon, I was coming back from a visit to
the Indian cave with my girlfriend. We often went there, to feel the peace and beauty that transpire from the indian cave, and climb to the top of the mountain and then climb on the huge 12 feet high rectangular rock that is on top of the mountain to meditate under the warm sunlight.

That day, just coming from the Indian cavern, we both have lived together a
most unusual spiritual experience.

We were walking back home, we were at a few hundred feet from
the indian cavern when we were both suddenly literally STROKED BY
LIGHTNING... It was as if a spiritual thunderbolt of lightning had stroke us together with an incredibly powerful force. We were shaken to the deepest part of our being and could feel a spiritual power of very great magnitude taking over completely. I could see the ray of light coming from the sky and striking the ground and at the same exact moment of the impact, a spherical stone appeared projecting very powerful circular waves towards us. The strength and suddenness of this spiritual energy lightning had the same power as if it was a physical electrical lightning. So we understood immediately this was serious stuff going on.

We were at once thrown into another dimension and immediately at the moment the lightning strike occured, we saw very powerful circular waves coming toward us in rapidly growing concentric circles, coming from a rare shaped spherical stone on the side of the road. These powerful waves were passing through our body and continuing in space. It is like we had a 360 degree panorama vision, we were living all this but at the same time also looking at it from a perspective outside our body.

We instantly both became totally telepathic. We knew that the other was living exactly the same unbelievable experience, we could literally see through one another mind, and feel the overwelming power pulsating from that stone. We seemed not to be seeing the world with our visible eyes but through our astral eyes. Even if we were in full daylight, everything seems to be like night time. All we could see was all these waves pulsating from the stone with great speed and power. Hundreds of circular wave in concentric circles, pulsing like magnetic waves out of this mysterious spherical stone, covering all the horizon. The whole world seemed to be entirely focused on this stone emanating these powerful circular magnetic waves. All the scenery was distorted by the waves, like one sees on the surface of mirror calm water when you throw a big stone in it and all the scenery that was mirroring itself in the calm surface becomes undulated by the propagation of the wave of energy.

We were compelled to the deepest part of our mind, to served the will of the
stone who was in a living way and in no uncertain terms compelling us to
take it...

But we were two...
We both knew that we wanted this stone with all our will, we could see
telepathically this strong will to get this stone who was giving us such a
strange ride into some unknown universe. These were very tense moments as feet by feet we were approaching the stone and we were both hoping the other did not have the same experience as ourselve, but we knew, because we could see telepathically into each other mind perfectly clearly that this was a totally mutual spiritual experience that was occuring.

I got the stone first ....

Right at the very first second I had the stone in my hand, I knew immediately that it was meant for me, and what it meant to me ... It was a stone I was very acquainted with..   I had been holding it in my hands many times for long periods of time, when I was between 7 and 10 years old, in the Astral... in many out of the body experiences I had when I was a child...

And based on these astral experiences as a child, I know also I had used that sacred stone as part of my shamanic bundle as the shaman that was the ancient guardian of this very sacred site I rediscovered at the age of seven as was prophesied by the Indian elders of Quebec.

So this sacred stone is a very old friend that was coming back to me in a way that can only be called miraculous. I have to say this, because I had walked on this road thousand of times since I was a child, and this stone was not there before... It’s spherical shape is so outstanding for this region that it would have been taken immediately if it ever had been there before. We saw and notice the rare shape of this stone even from more than a hundred feet away as we walked toward it.

We didn't talked of this very strange spiritual experience right away, because we were too puzzled, and we needed some time to think it over and simply believe it really happened. I had this black spherical stone with a rugged surface in my hands, as a proof of the reality of this very mysterious event.

A few days after, we talked about it and I wanted to know if this feeling of
having a totally merged mutual experience had actually occured to her also. To make sure I did not influence her in anyway, I did not say anything, not a word about what I had seen and experienced. I just let her talk without saying a word... So she told me all she had seen from the very first moment the Powerful Lightning Strike occured, and she completely confirmed that we had actually both experienced exactly and totally
the same event.

Years after, every times we told this story to friends, having this
confirmation from one another helped us to assimilate the reality of such an
unbelievable event.

( Many persons have told me that the features of this stone, a very rugged surface, a black coloration that looks it has burned at high temperatures, may be indicative of it possibly be of meteorite origin...

One day I was meditating with 2 rare magnetic stones of known meteorite origin from Colorado, feeling the magnetic pulse that is generated by slowly moving the 2 stones close and then apart, I then had the intuition of replacing one of these 2 magnetic stones from Colorado by the Spherical Stone of Matawini.

To my great surprise, the same magnetic pulse happened, even stronger! This spherical stone was also magnetic!! I then got a magnet I had, and put it on the surface of the Spherical Stone ... The metallic magnet remained stucked to the stone ! It is a magnetic stone with enough iron in it's composition that solid metal magnets stick to it, an outstanding behavior that even the 2 Colorado meteorite magnetic stone did not produce. Based on these outstanding discoveries, I can assert that this magnetic spherical stone is also clearly of meteorite origin. )

But the years were passing by, and the stone remained silent since it's very powerful manifestation at the moment of it's revelation. I was wondering why this stone wanted so strongly to be taken, what was the purpose behind all this. It introduced itself with such power, strength and mastery. Why did it remained silent all these years?

So recently I was reflecting on this matter with the stone in my hands,
looking at it, and to the words of a friend who is well acquainted with shamanic lore, who had told me to be watchful of my dreams. I was aware of the difficulty for me to have dreams since I sometime have to take sleeping pills, and since many years, I almost never have dreams.

Then, I had some flash of intuition on the matter...
But I have to go back to my childhood to explain the logic of this intuition.

Right at the moment of discovering the stone, the very first thing that
came to my mind when I first hold the spherical stone in my hand, is that
it was like a piece of a puzzle about something that I only, knew about.

When I was a child, during a period between 7 and 10 years old, on about 12 occurence, I had out of the body experiences where I found myself awaken in the astral.

Whenever I found myself in this astral plane I experienced complete physical paralysis. I had great difficulty getting out of this paralysis. Even all my will wouldn't succeed in breaking away from this. I often lay there many hours before I was able to finally get out of the astral plane. The best method I found to be able to come back and wake up in the normal world, was to try to go back to sleep and then wake up normally instead of in the astral.  

One thing that was present in all these occurence of astral sleep paralysis, is that I was holding a mysterious SPHERICAL STONE with a rugged surface in my hands. I had also in my hands a strong physical sensation permeating from the stone I was holding. I could feel a power radiating from the stone that penetrated 6 inches inside my body. A strong impression of numbness in my hands due to the effect of the power coming from the stone remained with me for a prolonged period even after I woke up.

In these astral experiences I saw myself in a previous life incarnation holding this stone of power in my hands. Only shamans have stones of power like that. It was made clear to me that I have been the guardian shaman of the Matawini sacred site in a previous life, that was using this stone as part of it’s “Bundle” of ritual tools, and that died holding the stone in his hands, indicating the very high value that was attributed to this stone. One element that made it completely clear that this was true, is that when my astral body was going back fusioned with my precedent incarnation under the earth at the sacred cave, holding the spherical stone, I could smell the exact strong and unique scent of the black earth that is found at the Matawini cave where the Indian carpet is located...

In the context of the many prophecies about our time and 2012, that where made more than 500 years ago by the Native Indians shamans and seers, I had at the time of this previous incarnation as the Matawini shaman, made the promise that I would come back as a child and that at seven years old I would rediscover the lost sacred site of Matawini, and would bring it back to the light of day and make it again a living sacred site that would play an important role in the revival of spiritual energy in our actual Era. I had prophesied that I would come back as a child and would rediscover the sacred site, so this is where this prophecy originates initially, and this prophecy has now been fulfilled. It was also made clear to me that in this previous life incarnation, I have been buried under the Indian carpet that is inside the sacred cave of Matawini. So, in discovering the sacred cave at the age of seven, I was also discovering my grave from a previous life ... And also for this life... because I know now that it is there that as the protector shaman of the sacred site of Matawini in this present incarnation I will be buried to fulfill the sacred circle of this prophecy.

Yet even if I died with the stone in my hands, there remain an unsolved very strange mystery of physical transference, since I later found the stone suddenly appearing in a very unexplainable way in a Lightning Strike spiritual experience, a few hundred feet from the sacred cave, centuries later…

Since I experienced these astral out of body experiences of holding this stone of power in my hands over a dozen times during my childhood, it seems there is a very strong message that is wanting to pass on to me, so I don’t forget these childhood astral experiences. Like with my first mystical experience with the Blue Heron, I never talked of these recurring astral experiences to my parents, because I knew they could not help me on these matters that where way out of the boundaries of the culture we were living in.

This invisible stone I hold in the astral was quite a mystery to me at the time, and all my life. So when I hold for real the astral stone in my hand for the first time, I was immediately struck by the fact that it was exactly the same shape, size, and ruggedness sensation that I knew from the mysterious stone I was holding in this astral plane as a child... This mystery of the presence of this astral stone in my life was suddenly partially revealing itself...

So recently, I was looking at the stone in my hand, and I had an intuition: I will go to sleep with the stone in my hands,   just like I experienced   as a child in out of body astral level, and maybe the stone will reveal it's secret and manifest itself and help me in having dreams again, and maybe I
will learn something from these dreams..."

It did work, and what dreams did I have. I had 3 dreams, very shamanic in nature. But the third dream, was like no dream I ever had before...
It was not a dream, but a mystical astral travel to a spiritual mystical dimension.
I went into a plane of existence that was filled with absolute bliss and
happiness. I went into a heavenly dimension of bliss and extasy ...

Words cannot describe what I experienced, it is of another dimension of oneness with the essence of life, a communion with the living light of Love and Bliss.

I was traveling inside immense domed arcs that were made not of matter but of light. A light with a divine intelligence and bliss that was radiating from the inside. This heavenly world was filled with radiating light, happiness, blissful extasy, overwellming beauty and plenitude.

The immense arcs of living radiant Light this dome heaven was made of, where constantly modulating their spectral color composition, and every color change was felt as a modulation in the extatic experience I was living. I felt I was in intimate communion with all this, like my being belonged to the same energy field of this absolute nirvana experience. This heavenly dimension was in intimate communication with my soul. A true telepathic communion existed between my soul and the radiant blissful light emanating from this heavenly world. An experience essentially similar to the contemplative bliss between the souls of two lovers in extatic bliss, except this other lover was the very source of Love itself radiating it's Light and healing love toward me, in it's fullness of acceptance. I was in a state of complete openness and natural capacity of receiving such immense energy it just flowed through me and I was part of all that extasy, this was enlightenment I was living...

As I traveled inside these Heavenly Domes of light, this intelligence in the light read my soul and revealed in an always overwellming manner that which my soul aspired to. It was a discovery tour of this immense heaven of domes of Light, as large as the vault of the sky when there are large clouds at high altitude.

So I believe I am discovering at least one of the powers of this mysterious Indian stone. It is a sacred stone, and this celestial stone is able to take one's soul to heaven... and experience enlightenment. In the powers of this sacred stone, there is a link to a divine celestial dimension of infinite Light Love and Bliss, a fusionnal union with the essence of all   blessings.

Treasures from the Ancient Age of Light on Earth

There has been another prophecy made about the rediscovery of the Matawini sacred site. The Indian Elders of Quebec prophecy said that an important sacred site would be discovered by a seven years old child. It also claimed that an important Sacred Bundle would be found.

(A Sacred Bundle is a term that defines a set of sacred objects that were used by a shaman or Mage in rituals & ceremonies and that has been buried. Shamans are often buried with the sacred objects they used during their lifetime. It could also be any sacred objects that have been buried for preservation during a dark age of spirituality, to be rediscovered at a later time for some sacred purpose or use. So it is a term that can cover a large spectrum of possibilities.)

Since many years whenever I was doing some exploration on the site, I had this very strange vision arising in me. - Keep your eyes opened for obelisks shaped like a Flame of Stone -
I have nerver heard about Obelisk shaped like Flames of Stone, I have never seen any picture from anywhere in the world of anything resembling this. But this vision was strong and convincing, and conveyed that it was something important and serious. So, I kept my eyes always alert for this however unrealistic it seem to even expect such a thing to exist. But it was a strong intuition always coming back to me, years after years as I was exploring the Matawini immense site.

After having kept my eyes open for many years, I was guided to explore a certain area and after only a few minutes of research, after many fruitless years of keeping the faith about this intuition that I sensed was important and meaningful, I finally was guided to discover some rare almost magical obelisks that where just beyond words... They where all magnificent obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone !

There is also another vision that since many years have animated me so strongly from the inside, whenever I am on the site:

- Raise the ancient obelisks, to reawaken the New Age of Light on Earth.

What is very meaningful, is that the Matawini site itself seems to be carved by nature to receive these magnificent obelisks. There are numerous empty natural alcoves that seems to be just made to receive these obelisks. It is becoming clear that this is one of the major purpose of this sacred site, that the ancient obelisks be raised again to receive the massive light energy current that is being beamed to Earth by the galactic federation armada of starships that are actually orbiting our planet in the invisible spectrum. The Matawini site role is to be a major anchoring point of the mega wave of Light that will occur in 2012 as our planet comes into alignement with the central sun of our galaxy, this energetical and dimensional shift initiating a New Age of Light.

I have made an archeological dig in one promising place where a sacred light had appeared at a site   at the moment of discovery. What I see now in retrospective is that this sacred light did actually guide me to discover the very first flame of stone obelisk I found on the site. That discovery was indicative of the – nature - of the sacred bundle of the other obelisks that I would discover later 3 years after. I believe now that this latest major discovery of the huge Flames of Stone obelisks is the final fulfillment of this second element of the prophecy - the sacred bundle -   It is indeed quite a sacred bundle, of a magnitude and importance that do surpass my highest expectations.



There are 5 major archeological sites and numerous major archeological elements.

The SACRED CAVE: with a crystal obelisk near the entrance, and a large quartz obelisque in the center of the pathway.

An ancient INDIAN CARPET has been found in almost perfect state of conservation in the area of the cave, which is by the admission of professional archeologists, quite a miracle in itself due to the extreme 4 seasons climate that exist in the Matawini region of Quebec.

The GIANT CRISTAL STONE SITE: a giant symmetrical faceted crystal shaped stone as big as a house, were a spiritual light manifested to me and made me discover a hidden man-made stone covering that were under the earth that covered the area under 2 large vaults. A huge white tabular altar stone has also been found under the ground following this sacred light appearance. This sacred light lead me to investigate and discover the first Flame of Stone Obelisk that was found under the large vault of the Giant Cristal rock where the sacred light appeared. That discovery was a precursor of the huge over 5 feet high flames of stone crystal obelisk I was to discover 3 years later.

The TURTLE & TREE OF LIFE SITE: a turtle head shaped quartz stone, carved by nature with a giant ancient tree growing on it’s back, it is the oldest tree of the sacred site. This highly symbolic sacred site of nature is the living representation of the logo of the Great algonguin chief & shaman elder William Commanda that came to visit the sacred cave at the age of 95 years old. He came to do a sacred ceremony with his wife Romola, and give me his blessings for my spiritual work and mission with the Matawini Sacred Site. William Commanda is the gardian of many sacred Wampum Belts prophecies about the Era we are living in, and the recreation of the sacred circle of the family of man in harmony with Gaia and the Great Spirit.

The EARTHLY PARADISE SITE: a path of enchanting and graceful beauty, with very high vertical rock cliffs, covered by rivers of moss and where a natural Cristal Altar has been discovered.

The ROCK DOME ALTAR SITE: a 12 feet of diameter dome with a flat altar rock on it's top, where a symmetrical geometric stone message was left centuries ago for me to discover.

There is also a Rock Dome altar at the location in the pound where I had my first initiatic mystical experience at the age of seven and where all this mysterious story began. 3 other rock domes altar where found recently, and 3 ritual Votive rocks.

The TRIANGULAR VISION QUEST PLATEFORM is on the top of the mountain, right above where the sacred Cave is at the bottom of the Mountain.

3 LUNAR CIRCLES OF STONE, one almost 100 feet in diameter, with large fire places, indicating this sacred site might have been used as a meeting place of many indian tribes at the same time.

The Turtle site, is one of the many miracles of nature to be found on this site. It is a head of a turtle sculpted by mother nature and carries on it's back a giant Tree of Life, the oldest tree of the Matawini Sacred Site, with an impressive network of roots encircling the huge quartz rock that constitute the body of the turtle. The Turtle site, with the giant ancient tree of life growing on it’s back, represent humanity who carries it’s own home on it’s back. Our home is planet Earth, it is part of our own being as the turtle carapace is it’s home and own body at the same time. If you affect one, the other is likewise affected, this is why Indians had such reverence for Mother Earth, they understood this. The great roots that encircle the turtle, are a reminder that we also possess deep roots in our soul, that reach back very far, to our very origin in the Light of the Creator. Never think of yourself as less than the Light of the Creator, because we are all the sons & daughters of it's Light. And with the ascension process now on the way, we are now returning to the dimension of it’s Light

Notice the X present in this site, that represent the planet X, the planet of the crossings, whose previous passage in our solar system may have been a factor in the occurence of the historical Great Deluge that destroyed the advanced civilization that existed on our planet before our present Era. )

Right in front of the Turtle, where the Turtle is looking, there is an large ancient dead tree trunk, and inside this ancient tree remains, a young healthy tree is growing. This is the message that this nature’s sacred site is giving us. It prophesied that from the ancient sacred tree of wisdom, that was preserve by the native Indians and all the spiritual civilization of the ancient world, ( including us the white race who was an equally sacred race in the Celtic-Druidic Era, before our sacred culture was destroyed by the Illuminati-Vatican influence ), a new Era of spirituality will emerge on Earth, a Golden Era of spirituality and harmony with our sacred Mother Earth Gaia, that we all aspire to in our soul.

When I approached the cave for the first time in four years, I noticed right away something new that was not there before. Right over the cave entry, there was a HAND perfectly imprinted in the moss that covers the rock dome of the cave.

This Hand is carved out of the moss with absolute perfection with each finger with a different length visible, and the clearly visible palm.

I approached and spontaneously put my hand into it, it was exactly the size of my hand, at that moment I felt a very strong communion with the spirit of this sacred site, like never I have known until then. I was very surprised of the sentiment I felt. I felt that the cave had been awaiting me, and that it considered me as someone important for it’s well being. This contact with the spirit revealed to me a strength of power that I did not know of before. I felt like I was a protective Master for the sacred site. I felt it had been somehow distressed that I had not come for so many years, and that it had been worried that I may never come back visit the cave, which was somehow understandable because since I sold my summer house at the lake nearby, I myself did not know if I would ever come back. I felt that it was very happy and grateful that I came back.

I was able to communicate deeply with the spirit through my hand positioned in the Hand in the moss, and my presence seemed to be able to reassure it, appease it’s soul. I gave this spirit of the sacred site my protection and comfort as much as I could. It seems that this Hand is a way to communicate with the spirit of the cave, and that seems to be the reason it appeared.

In august 2006, I made the discovery of a man made circular dome structure of rocks with a white quartz rock in the center on top of the dome.
The dome is about 8 feet in diameter at the base and 4 feet high, and was hidden behind a large rock on which 4 smaller rocks had been put as a subtle signal to indicate the presence and location of this dome. This dome is an altar, and have it’s intrinsic ceremonial value, but it is also the signal of the location of one of the rare path that easely access the mountain summit, and of a natural spring closed by.

During researches in the archives of Edward S. Curtis a great American photographer that published 20 volumes on american indians around 1890, I was fortunate to find the photograph of a group of Navaho Indians praying in front of an identical rock dome. These precious information are beginning to unfold the secret of this Dome of rock.

“ Description by Edward S. Curtis: Scattered about the Navaho reservation are many cairn shrines. The Navaho, when alone or in parties, on approaching one of these gathers a few twigs of pinon or cedar, places them on the shrine, scatters a pinch of sacred meal upon it, and makes supplication for that which he may habitually need or which the moment demands.”

The dome when I found it was in good parts covered with branches and leaves, and I wanted to clear them away to see it's real aspect and photograph it. So I started the task of relieving the rocks of the dome from their leaves covering, not suspecting that another hidden surprise was awaiting...   there was an Altar!
A beautiful large flat exagonal shaped stone. And on this altar, there was a stone with a very geometric shape of an elongated exagon that had been left there on the altar the last time it was used I don't know how many centuries ago.

This geometric stone-message was left there on the rock dome altar on purpose seemingly, as a message that would be received centuries later when an intuitive shaman like me would rediscover it, and would have the foresight to give it the proper interpretation.
This stone had a unique shape that is unquestionably very representative of ... a UFO ! That is a one interesting message this sacred site is transmitting me. This corroborate that the Matawini sacred site is related to some extent to extraterrestrials, in it’s ancient origin, but also in it’s future role.

On top of the mountain, above the location where the sacred cave is at the base, there is the remains of an ancient triangular platform made of trees. It is hung between 2 trees and the ground. It is located at the edge of the abyss falling over 200 vertical feet.

An archeologist has confirmed that he has seen many of these triangular platforms constructed by native Indians and they are called IPTAKEN. When I saw this triangular platform for the first time, as a child, some 50 years ago, around 1957, it was already in decay and looked quite old, over a hundred years old. The purpose of this triangular platform may quite possibly have been a vision quest platform. Vision quest were always done on mountain tops. There was probably as is always the case in vision quest retreats, another group of people at the base of the mountain, at the sacred cavern which is located right under the triangular plateform, spiritually supporting those that were on their vision quest pursuit. The triangular platform provided a solid straight ground on which to meditate and sleep safely in front of the abyss and the panorama of the lake and the powerfull silhouette of the mountain that it faces on the other side of the lake.

While exploring the site, I discovered an immense symmetrical stone as big as a house. As I was looking at this impressive discovery, I went into a deep state of concentration, probing with my mind this new site I had just discovered, going deeper and deeper in my reflection. Then, as I was coming close to unravel and sense the secret of this place, as a direct living answer to the intense probing of my mind, I suddenly saw a very beautiful sacred light   covering all the area I was contemplating under the vault. This sacred light of overwellming beauty and grace was coming from under the ground...

After this clairvoyance experience, I had an absolute conviction that there was something there, even if I could see absolutely no visible hints with my physical eyes. I went on my knees, and started clearing the ground from the cover of leaves and earth that were covering the ground surface. As I took away about 1 inch of earth that was covering the area, I found a man-made masonnery like stone covering, corresponding perfectly with the area that was revealed by the light. This lead to the discovery of the first Flame of Stone obelisk.

The GIANT STONE is the largest stone I have seen in my life, and everybody who saw it confirm that it is also true for them. It is symmetrical, faceted like a crystal, with 2 large vaults at the base. I also discovered a huge flat tabular white altar stone of 5 feet by 4. There is a Cristal Crop Circle of quartz intrusions on the side of the Giant Stone, it is a geometric pyramid composed of 4 modular pyramids, that is the symbol used by the celestrial Galactic Federation of Light. To my knowledge, it is the only crystal crop circle ever reported. The equivalent in the mineral kingdom of the crop circle usually found in the vegetal kingdom.

It is possible to go on the top of the giant stone, since it is linked to the side of the mountain by a humus bridge. The top of the giant stone is a very wonderful place to meditate, because we are at the level of the foliage of the trees. It is a very powerful place to blow the conqshell, make the air vibrate with the drum and sing in gratitude for all the beauty and   grace of nature.

A new major sacred site has been discovered, the Radiant Pyramid Vault site, a huge pyramid structure and vault, that is shaped like a giant crystal, symmetrical on all sides, very similar to a geometric geodesic dome structure. But over that, what is really very mysterious and powerful, is that on both side of this massive 40 feet wide 60 feet deep and 25 feet high pyramid are like 3 parallel power rays vibrating   from the pyramid, each of the 6 parallel ray of stone symmetrically disposed on each side of the Pyramid Vault, is 2 feet wide 6 feet high and 30 feet long!

It seems it is quite something that I discovered this new mysterious sacred site that have as I expected, the same signature as all the other sacred site I have discovered, a man made masonnery like stone layering on the ground.

Indeed many amazingly beautiful multi-colored and prismatic Light Orbs have appeared on many of the photos taken at the moment of discovery of the new Pyramid Vault sacred site. You can see these Light Orbs on
the photos in attachment. It seems that these celestial Orbs of Light where celebrating in great number and with great joy and happiness that I finally found this Pyramid Vault Sacred Site.

Whenever he was exploring the sacred site, Astraelia since many years, have been animated from the inside by a vision, that said:   Keep your eyes open for - Obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone -   This motive vision was with him in his explorations, years after years as he was keeping the faith and keeping his eyes opened, until he found the very first Obelisk. It was shaped like a Flame of Stone... It was found under the guidance of a sacred Light that appeared at the discovery of a new sacred site. Whith the subsequent years of exploration many more Obelisks shaped like Flames of Stone have been dicovered, with the largest one being over 5 ½ feet tall and weigthing around 600 pounds...

To have known beforehand about the existence of these mysterious Flames of Stone Obelisks, seems to be indicative that this knowledge may come from another previous incarnation of Astraelia as the gardian and care taker of the Matawini site, anterior to the shamanic era of the incarnation as the shaman of Matawini buried under the indian carpet. The only way he could have known about the existence of these Obelisks, is that he himself have hidden them there in a previous incarnation at the end of the Age of Light when these Obelisk where hidden for their protection to be used again during the prophesied return of the Golden Age predicted for 2012.


The Matawini sacred site is a magnificent place of inspiration. It has been my life mission to protect and develop it, so it is possible to go there and do shamanic chanting and meditate in peace and serenity in it's sublime beauty. This very ancient sacred site have been brought back to life by a lifetime of dedication and meditation. It is an anchoring point of the Light Energies. It play's a role in the creation of a New Age of Light on Earth by already living in the New Age of Light.

I have dedicated this site to the spiritual dimension of the creative process. A path to the source, by way of inspiration. A state of extatic transe is achieve through chanting and drumming, as they were practiced in the golden ages of spirituality, as Tantric Yoga. A way to unite with the Creator through the creative process lived as an expression of the joy experienced through communion with the divine energies.

The Matawini Sacred Site is a place to pursue one’s own spiritual path, in alliance with the sacred powers Nature.

May the Great Spirit Light shine in our hearts


Protector shaman & guardian
of the Matawini Sacred Site



(You can see DOPLER RADAR pictures of the huge 100 miles diameter UFO Mothership that was hovering over Montreal as the Galactic Federation Armada was passing over me, on the NEW DISCOVERIES PHOTO SLIDE SHOW)

Montreal, Sunday oct 3 2010, 9 1/2 pm.
from Astraelia

(Astraelia a contactee for the Galactic Federation of Light, is the discoverer of the Sacred Site of Matawini, an ancient megalithic sacred site of the Galactic Federation & the Agharta Kingdom, during the ancient Age of Light.)

An Armada of around 70 UFO have passed over my home in Montreal, solemnly flowing in the autumn night sky like a vast river of UFO, covering the night sky almost from one end to the other.

I was just taking my cat outside, and lift up my eyes to gaze and watch the sky, as I do as often as possible, and then I see flowing silently like a solemn noble procession in the night sky, a river of luminescent UFO in V formations.

They were very near, at an altitude of 3000 to 4000 feet maybe, since they were the size of an tennis ball relatively to the star like size all my UFO sightings have been in the last years. Each UFO was a clearly defined circular shape, luminescent, like if it was softly lighted from the inside, a soft opalescent glowing white Light. You could perceive the 3 dimensional very rounded shape of each UFO.

The Armada was passing over in a loose irregular V type formations, exactly like I have seen on many UFO mass sightings in South America, except that they where a lot closer and visually larger in size then any large group formation I have seen on film up to now.

Each V formation, where composed of about 7 to 10 ufo, and these V formation where all over, like a large river in the sky, covering a 1/4 of the transversal width of the sky and in longitude, almost all the sky from one end to the other of the Armada column. And they were keeping on appearing, 3 to four V formations wide in a group, and then other similar groups of V formations following and passing over.

Afterward, I have made a drawing on paper of these multiple V formations groups, to try to estimate the number of Celestrial light ships present in this very major Armada sighting. The possible number of UFO involved is quite staggering, taking into account that it lasted around 4 minutes, so there must have been over 70 UFO, and possibly even 100, that flowed over at their noble and mysterious pace, inspiring an energy of serenity, hope and fulfillment of our wishes and prayers, a living fulfillment of the ancient prophecies. They are here, and here to stay!

It has begun my friends they are manifesting Big Time, right over North America...   These sent by Heaven Celestial Forces of the Light are announcing and manifesting their presence with unequalled magnitude, reclaiming this sacred paradise of Earth. What an honor to witness, what a blessing of hope beyond hope. Our prayers and those of our ancestors have been heard in high places and are being honored. 2012 will be nothing less than the liberation of Earth by the Forces of the Light sent in this mission by Heaven. Let us prepare for the fulfillment of all our prayers, and our prophesied return into the spiritual dimensions of the Light. Let us maintain with conviction our seed vision of the future we wish to foresee, a return on Earth of an Age of Light that have been prophesied by the ancients, for it will be manifested very soon. The blessed victory of the Light is ours to behold.

May the Great Spirit sun shine in our hearts.




The Galactic Federation have showed up in great numbers at the Matawini site during the whole of the summer of 2009...

It started with a bang so to say...
It was the first night that I was there after having rented a cottage for the whole season.
After having finished unpacking, I said to myself, now, I'm gone rest and have a look outside, and then I told jokingly to myself: '' to see if I see some UFO ? ''

Then I open the door to look outside, and then, right away, I see a huge ball of fire crossing at the speed of a meteorite from the right to the left of the sky, crossing the whole horizon in a few second, and following a perfectly straight horizontal trajectory !!!
It left behind a bright fiery trace in a perfectly straight horizontal line that persisted a few second after the Fireball like UFO had passed and continue behind the trees.

That was quite a starter !

During this summer, there was innumerable UFO showing almost every starry
night. It started very progressively, every night I went to the circular landing area on the side of the road. After a few weeks of no UFO at all, then some started to appear, here and then, but in a very discrete and dissimulated manner.

Then, night after night, there was more UFO that the preceding night.
With the many groups of people who came visit the Matawini site for the first time in modern history, as I had expected, the UFO sighting was amplified by the group energy. All these people where to some degree spiritually and UFO aware.

This progression in the number of sightings continued to the point, that every clear and starry night, there was an almost constant flow of UFO appearance, between 10 to 20 UFO appearing every nights, with a great variety of type and manner of appearance and behaviour. At a point, I had to go to sleep, but it certainly would have continued far in the night if I could have stayed outside all night.

I saw again the same 2012 Countdown Clock of UFO that was described in the book Blue Star Prophecy of Miriam Delicado, and that I saw in montreal a few years ago.

It was almost exactly the same, a series of 6 UFO's started to appear one after the other, in a perfectly precise circular configuration representing the left side of a clock from the 6 to 12 hour. The first UFO appeared starting at the bottom and then a second one at the 7h position and another following at the 8h. then 9h. and so on until a 6th. UFO appeared in the top position of the clock for the 12th. hour, representing the year 2012. Then, I saw another UFO just outside the 2012 countdown clock, crossing the sky in a straight line at great speed and leaving a trace of light behind. The direction and angle of the trajectory of this UFO, was pointing exactly toward the circular UFO Lift Off area that is located further away on the side of the road, and that is located where the spherical stone appeared in a powerful lightning strike common spiritual experienced that happened with my girlfriend as we were coming back from a visit to the sacred cave of Matawini...

The very numerous UFO presence at the site, for the first summer,
tells me that the Galactic Federation is now very aware of the Matawini site and may have
followed closely all the new discoveries that I have made.

I consider their massive showing during all the 2009 summer season indicates that the
Matawini site is now officially under the protection of the Galactic Federation of Light.
This is some real good news. I now remember that I had foreseen this in my prayers and seed-visions for the future. Often I have given the permission to the Galactic Federation to use the sacred site as a safe harbour for them, and that as an ambassador of the aware civilization of Earth, I called for their Armada to come in great number and use this sacred site as they see fit for their operations. They again have answered my call, prayers and seed-vision.

The last night at the Matawini cottage,   just after I finished packing
the car and I was ready to go back to montreal, I then lifted my head to the stars and asked: '' Will you come pick me at the Matawini landing site before the hard times start
rolling, so I can continue my mission after 2012 ?''   and then, right away, instantly a UFO showed up clearly as a positive answer to my question.

Then I asked: '' Will you pick me up at the parc close to where I live in
Montreal where the Blue Katchina crop circle appeared,
if I am there when things start to go difficult and I cannot survive.''
Again immediately another UFO showed, as a positive answer.

I feel it is the best possible outcome so my knowledge about the very important discoveries that have been made at the Matawini site is not lost, and that it can be put to contribution during and after the ascension of 2012.


CELESTRIAL UFO SIGHTINGS & the Sacred Site of Matawini
from Astraelia

It is now time in my life to step forward to help bring awareness to the citizens of the world that indeed there are higher forces surrounding us all. There is indeed a Celestrial presence of extraterrestrial origin and from higher spiritual dimensions currently around this planet, that has been sent here on decree of the Prime Creator, and I feel it is my duty to humanity to share with you the truth of what has been shared with me, for it is your birth right to know the truth, without which no light can ever shine forth, in the depth of the night, our planet has been heading for.

I have been a contactee since 2007. It’s a long story that is linked to my discovery of the ancient sacred site of Matawini when I was a child. This is the story of some discoveries made at the sacred site of Matawini that are linked in the far past and now in the present with spiritually advanced Celestrial civilizations from other Orbs and from higher spiritual dimensions. These celestrial civilizations with me as with many other contactees are currently attempting to reveal their existence to humanity, or at least with those that are ready, in the hope of establishing the basis of peaceful and constructive relationship in the future with Earth humans. This sacred site is linked to the return of the Celestrials on Earth, and with the prophecies of 2012.

The most out of the ordinary discoveries made on the Matawini site, are the megalithic structures (giant stones) There is a giant Stonehenge like circle of huge stones on the top of this Matawini mountain. The megalithic circle in it's longest axis, is close to half a kilometer long, which is something unique probably in the Northen regions of America. All of the stones of this giant megalithic circle are larger than a car and must weight around 10 tons. The largest stone that is located right in the middle of the facade of the mountain on the summit of the 200 feet dome that is on the summit of the mountain, is a geometric rectangular shaped stone of 12 feet high by 12 feet long and 6 feet wide and must weight well around 20 tons.

I also discovered in 2008, at the base of the mountain, an alignment of giant arrowheads triangular stones. The first and smaller triangle is about 2 feet wide and must weight about 200 pounds, than 30 feet further there is another one twice that size, 30 feet further another one twice the size of the preceding one and so on always growing in size, for up to six or seven aligned triangular stones in total, with that last one about 10 feet long, 5 feet high and 6 feet deep and weighting many tons. We know now with the researches in alternative archeology that almost all megalithic sites were not done by humans but by extraterrestrial civilizations of the far past that had established colonies on Earth. This sacred Indian site might have been used in later epochs by local Indian tribes, but it is my understanding that they inherited these megalithic structures from a preceding civilization that had the capacity to move stones that weight many tons on top of a mountain, and displace huge multi tons arrow head triangular stones from their point of discovery and align them in a progressive size order all pointing in the exact same direction in relation to the compass coordinates.

The sacred site of Matawini may be one of the most important sacred site ever discovered in North America, because of it’s Stonehenge like megalithic structures. To my knowledge it may be the only megalithic site ever discovered in the Northen regions of North America. But I want to keep it safe as a living Sacred Site, and only invite there dedicated spiritual people I have full confidence in and that have the maturity to understand that such a jewel of a living sacred site deserve to be protected and must be protected by respect, wisdom and secrecy.

But, my whole involvement with extraterrestrial sightings came from another even stranger discovery I made at the Matawini lake where I discovered this sacred site, not far from our family cottage.

It all started the last time I took a plane ride over Matawini lake. Suddenly, I saw something I never saw in my life, either in photographs or in any exploration or discovery program. I saw from the plane what seemed to me to be a meteor crater right on the top of a mountain. A very, very deep crater, completely vertical like if a meteor would have come from a 90 degree vertical angle straight down. It was difficult to evaluate the depth from a fast moving plane, but judging from the relative size of the spruce trees, it could be from 300 to 600 feet deep, maybe even more, with a perfectly circular little lake at the bottom. The best way to describe the shape of this crater, is to imagine you are flying over a giant elongated trumpet that has been put on the vertical axis with the large opening on top, and you are looking straight down into it...
That is exactly the shape of this crater. So, for many years, I thought it was a non reported meteor crater I had discovered.

Until some years later... when I eventually discovered the whole reality of the existence of celestrial civilizations, and I began to study this whole subject very seriously, and have now become to a certain degree a knowledgable person on the subject. I learned about the underground vitrified tunnel technology extraterrestrials used, and the very ancient underground bases that have been developed by them on our planet. I learned that the extraterrestrials always put the entry of their underground bases on the very top of mountains, in places where humans rarely access. Then I began to reconsider the origin of this crater.

Under this light, the megalithic structures of the Matawini sacred site seems to consolidate the possibility of the extraterrestrial origin of this crater and this very unusually deep vertical crater and it’s perfect geometrical positioning seems to confirm the potential of extraterrestrial origin of the megalithic structures of the Matawini sacred site which are also possibly quite unique in the Northen regions of America. This is also in some way confirmed by the Indians I spoke to who told me it was not them that could have build such large stone structures, because they were nomadic tribes that travel lightly.

So, at this time I was having this whole reconsideration of this crater true nature, I read a story of someone who had tried sending telepathic messages to extraterrestrials and it did work. So, I decided to try it myself. I sent a clear telepathic image of this lake shape with the central axis position of the crater and the position of the sacred site side, asking spiritually advanced extraterrestrials to go see this crater and check if it could be an ancient base entry that they might have forgotten about and see if they could use it again for their purpose.

Not long after I began sending these telepathic messages, one evening in the summer of 2007, as I was playing my shamanic drum and doing chamanic chanting outside on my patio in Montreal, I had my first UFO sighting !

A very powerful bright flash, many times more powerful than the stronger flashes that can be seen from aircrafts, doing all kinds of behaviors that no planes ever do. Being stationary, changing the rythm of the pulsations, stopping, restarting, moving vertically, changing directions ect. ect. ( After this first sighting I began to study with a lot of attention for many mounts all the possible caracteristic and behaviors of plane lights and flashes and never did I saw anything that matches the behavior that occurs in these UFO sightings.)


There was a second sighting over Montreal again as I was playing my shamanic drum and blowing in my conqshell outside, with these same very powerful flashes and that time, at a point, I felt a beam of communication of energy of love coming from the UFO straight to my heart chakras. I could see the beam of spiritual energy linking the UFO and my chakras with love, and felt a very real spiritual connection with the source of this love.


Then, the first weekend of august 2007, I went to a great Indian spiritual gathering 400 miles up north of Montreal in Maniwaki, an indian reserve, to meet William Commanda a well known Indian Great Chief & Shaman to inform him of the discovery of this ancient sacred site. William Commanda have personally met the great zulu shaman Credo, so I am convinced he is well initiated into the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. William Commanda is also the heir of some major sacred prophesies ancient Wampum Belts. These ancient prophesies where made before the coming of the white Europeans to North America. They have prophesied step by step all that has happen more than 500 years before the series of events they describe. It also prophesied that 500 years after the terrible demise of their great spiritual civilization by the hidden hand of the Illuminati that have used the Christian church institution as a cover up for the same kind of cultural and spiritual genocide that we the white race have also been subjected to 2000 years ago, that the voice of wisdom of the indigenous civilizations of North America would be rising again after 500 years of total oppression and that by than, all on Earth would see and understand it's great wisdom and sacred guiding path it points to, for a New Age of harmony between humans and reverence for Mother Earth. ( www.circleofallnations.org )

Before I traveled to Maniwaki, I had asked telepathically to the extraterrestrials, to give me a confirmation of the extraterrestrial nature of the crater and also to tell me if my discovery of the Matawini sacred site was related to this crater. The confirmation I asked them was to follow me 400 miles up north of Montreal to the Maniwaki spiritual gathering and to appear there as a confirmation of all this ...

This sighting during the Maniwaki spiritual gathering happened after I had made the transmission of the sacred site publicly to the Elder William Commanda, and after I had the privilege to do some shamanic singing at this gathering. I was talking to a man that was facing me, then suddenly I see his face change and he pointed the sky with his hand saying LOOK! I turned around to look in the direction he was pointing, and there it was, the same very powerful bright flashes... I saw during the 2 first UFO sightings I had in Montreal. The Celestrials had followed me 400 miles north of Montreal, to this great spiritual gathering in confirmation of my questions, and also in open support and confirmation for my relationship with them. The way these UFO manifest, they are not just flashes, there is a very strong intense communication or communion that happen when these flashes appear. There is an immediacy of knowing that it is a UFO communicating with us. A kind of instantaneous certainty without a doubt that it is so, a true deeply felt spiritual communication.

We are not alone anymore...we have friends... the Great Brotherhood of Light of the Celestrial is here. Thanks God ...

( I discussed with this man afterward, and he told me he had never had any interest whatsoever in UFO’s in his life, he did not even believe in UFO reality, and like me, he had the absolute certainty it was a UFO at the very first second the powerful flashes appeared. I was very glad that someone else than me had seen and experienced this sighting, it comforted me in the authenticity and objectivity of these sightings.)


There was another sighting at the large clear circle area in the forest near the location where the spherical stone appeared when the lightning strike thunderbolt coming from the sky hit the ground. I had brought the spherical stone with me, and I was sounding my conqshell toward the sky of this summer day. I always had the intuition that this spherical stone, among it's many gifts, may also be a potential communication device to communicate with the extraterrestrials. My seeking was answered. Eventually, I saw in high altitude a meteorite like trace of light following an object, but with a trajectory that was going up at a sharp 45 degree angle (which commercial planes or meteorites do not do) and then after a while the object suddenly completely disappeared in an instant in a clear cloudless area of the sky.


BLUE KATCHINA CROP CIRCLE that appeared on the 24 oct 2007 :
I have been a contactee since last summer of 2007. I have had 3 sightings last summer, and subsequently, I had a crop circle appear in a circle of pine trees where I go meditate and do shamanic rituals of sacred singing and drumming. What is meaningful I believe for the UFO researchers community, is that this crop circle appeared on the exact date of the explosion in size greater than the sun, of the Blue Katchina 17/P Holmes comet that occured the 24 october 2007. When I discovered the crop circle, I became white.... speechless, this place was like holy, there was like a radiance not of this world all over the pine circle area, like it had become a holy place... This crop circle had 2 sun shapes and another smoother circular shape that was slightly larger than the 2 sun like shapes. I believe the Hopi prophecies do mention the eventual occurence of 2 suns. I understand that many informed people around the world, are poundering the possibility that this most unusual stellar object and it’s sudden expansion in size could indeed be the Blue Katchina, the last sign mentioned in the Hopi prophecies.

I am now sharing with the celestrial civilizations researchers community this information as this crop circle astronomical message and the date it appeared seems to be a confirmation from higher powers from above, that indeed this 17/P Holmes comet is the Blue Katchina Blue Star.

I have heard of other crop circles that have been in advance prophetic of the coming of the Blue Katchina, but this is the only one to my knowledge that has occured on the very same day of this event. My interpretation is that the larger of the 3 circles might represent the Blue Katchina that is now of a larger diameter than the sun. As for the 2 suns like circles, one might represent our sun, the other Nibiru. That is the best interpretation I can make of it at the moment.

Another meaningful element that was associated with this Blue Katchina Crop Circle, is that at the same time this crop circle appeared, about 500 pine cones I had gathered from the ground and used to make domes of about a hundred pine cones at the feet of 5 of the pines trees, have completely disappeared ...

The message I read in this symbolic mass abduction, seems to confirm in a symbolic way, the possibility of a rescue operation phase where the Celestrial would come and abduct to the safety of their craft and planet, those on Earth that are ready and willing to go on to another more spiritual phase of evolution.

If I take into account this Blue Katchina crop circle, plus the abduction of 500 symbolic humans, and the next mass UFO sighting I had that lasted 2 hours on the 4 of july 2008, where a clock like geometric representation was drawn in the sky by about 6 UFO’s, indicating the 2012 countdown clock has now reached the last hour, and it is coming very fast ...

I f I take into accounts the information that have been transmitted by the Tall Blonds extraterrestrials to Miriam Delicado, and that are explained in her book, all this combines to indicate that there may be events of a great magnitude that are imminent and that the Celestrial civilizations may play a role to rescue the humans that are spiritually advanced enough to be harbour and be given safe heaven in order to safegard the considerable amount of work it has taken to bring us to the level of evolution we are at now.



On the 4 of july 08, an almost 2 hour long sighting occured after I played my chamanic drum outside. This sighting was different then the 3 preceding ones, in the aspect that the UFO’s involved did not manifest with the very powerful bright flashes I had seen in the 3 previous sightings. The intensity of the light pulsation was more attenuated, like more discrete and possibly higher up in altitude. This sighting had 3 phases. It started with a single UFO, that progressively crossed the sky from left to right, doing all kinds of movements and behaviors caracteristic of UFO’s. Then, suddenly, there was a central episode that had the same characteristics as a mass sighting I remembered was described in the book of an important contactee from Vancouver, Miriam Delicado, who in her book Blue Star – fulfilling prophecy, tells the story of her firsthand contacts with the Tall Blonde extraterrestrials since her childhood.

This common sighting involved a geometric structure made of multiple UFO’s positioned to create a half circle formation in the shape of a letter C in the sky ... The UFO’s positioning themselves with absolute precision like a grid of dots following a perfect arc.

As it was occuring, I immediately remembered the C letter formed with dots, that was mentioned in this book, and likewise, there was a missing dot at the top, and I knew in advance what would happen... and it’s exactly what happened, a UFO appeared in the geometric radius center of the C, and moved at a fantastic speed to go fill in the missing dot position at the very top of the C letter shape made of multiple UFO’s. There must have been 6 UFO’s minimum that were there in formation to create the C letter shape, one for every hour of the countdown clock.

My interpretation and understanding, is that it represents the Countdown Clock to 2012...
The half circle arc, represents the left side of a clock. The missing dot at the top is the 12 th. and last hour. So it signifies: We are now at the eleventh hour of the final countdown, and the 12 hour is now imminent... prepare... it may happen very fast ...

So Miriam Delicado, on the Canada west coast in Vancouver and me on the east coast in Montreal / Quebec, since this recent sighting that occured in Montreal the 4 of july 2008, we both have received the exact same message from our Celestrial star brothers.

The last tableau of this tryptique sighting, is that the original single UFO then become accompanied by a second UFO, and the two remained together flashing for almost half and hour in the same position.

Then, I decided to start to wave my hands to them in sign of joy, love and gratitude for their presence and goodwill towards us, and then the two UFO’s started blinking with more intensity and faster pulsations. I continued waving my two hands to them in great gestures so they could see me even from that far, and then, a third UFO appeared close to the original UFO. I felt more joy and happiness and continued to wave for about 10 minutes to the 3 UFO’s, then, I see a forth UFO appear, a few minutes after a fifth one, I felt the more I waved at them, and the more joy I felt, the more they responded with their presence, then another one started blinking, then higher another, another one, all blinking so beautifully, so joyfully, it was a Celestial brotherhood between them and me, between the sky and earth.

At that point, there must have been around a dozen UFO’s blinking ... I then realized that I had previously had some kind of spiritual vision of this mass UFO sighting when I was meditating at the sacred site of Matawini during the previous summer. And then I was there, seeing in the sky the true manifestation of this vision I had ... They were forming altogether, a circular constellation of UFO’s, a sacred circle in the night sky...


Tuesday 4 nov 2008 around 6.30pm.

I was outside in the beautiful Indian summer night, looking at the sky. I was sending telepathic waves to our brothers the Celestrial that are in mission around the Earth in the invisible spectrum.
I was asking if I should go to the sacred site of MATAWINI tomorrow for 2 days as I was planning, and I was asking if there was any plans from their part to further contact evolution at the sacred site.

Then I noticed what seemed to be 2 very bright stars appear in front of my eyes where I was gazing. There was very few other stars in the sky at that early time of the evening around 6.30 pm. They were not blinking like planes, they were in a diagonal formation an angle like when the time on a watch is at 11 hour, I was strongly attracted to them and it seemed to me they where moving very slowly, moving together like locked on at the same distance & speed in a cluster moving in the same direction. I found a tree top to use as a fix point to be sure that they were moving and yes, affirmative they were.

So at that point it was clear it was classic UFO shamanic language if I can express myself in this manner. Clear for the initiate, invisible for the non initiate. Than after the moment I realized this was a genuine UFO sighting and in answer to my request, then with discretion, the 2 UFO started to progressively fade out into the invisible spectrum mode together, one staying visible a few seconds longer. The fade out was very progressive and lasted a good 10 to 12 seconds. I than knew it was their answer... YES I should go, they will be there in heart or in sight but they will be there.

I then went in my room to take the spherical stone that appeared in the lightning strike spiritual experience I had with my girlfriend coming back from a visit to the sacred cave of Matawini.

I then put the medieval music the Hymn to Ste-Cecilia from Purcell, and with the spherical stone positioned over my heart chakra I started to sing and do a sacred ceremony in spirit with the Celestrials and all the sacred world of Light that all initiates in all Ages, in all Times have seen and known. It was the most powerful heavenly and lightful moment and concert, I really felt fully connected to them. I was healed by this connection, inspired, one with all that is. I felt the awesome power of the sacred stone. I felt I had succeeded in awakening the sacred spherical stone, and that it confirmed to me it's purpose is also to communicate with the Celestrial. This is one more of it's powers it is revealing. The power to unite the sacred dimension of the Celestrials with our dimension and make us all become One. It seems to be a portal stone, that has the power to open a spiritual sacred dimensional doorway. This was one of the most beautiful moment of my life. An inexpressible communion.

We are blessed my friends, more than we have ever known. more than we ever hoped or wished for, we are ... believe it. Great things are in the making, it has been shown to me and to many initiates. The powers of above are coming back to Earth. It is time that we play the role we have been sent here for, within ourselve first and foremost. And also within the circle of initiates that we are.

When I was at the site, after I rested in the evening after a day at the sacred cave, I saw one pulsating light in the night sky, and it was not moving, it kept pulsating steadily at the same position for around 7 minutes. So they were at the rendez-vous.

I also saw something I never saw before, 3 huge meteors in the same trajectory within 5 minutes almost visually an inch wide compare to a hairline width that normal meteors are. They were huge and auto luminescent.

The angle of the diagonal of the 2 UFO is the angle of the 11 th hour of the clock. Again, like the previous mass UFO sighting of the countdown clock of 2012 I saw this summer over Montreal, that was similar to a sighting of Miriam Delicado in Vancouver, there seems to be this message of the final hour draws close, prepare...

2 DIAGONAL UFO SIGHTING is an international phenomenon.

I have received a email from someone in montreal that saw the same 2 UFO in diagonal formation over montreal at the same time I saw them around 6 30 pm and saw them fade out together.

There is more about this UFO sighting than I thought. I have found on a internet forum that this exact sighting configuration has been seen in many different countries and at different dates. The exact same configuration I saw. Two UFO in diagonal moving very slowly, that appear like 2 very bright stars, non pulsating, that moves together and than progressively fade out in the invisible spectrum.



My friends from the star nations came say hello to me at the Maniwaki gathering,
and also in montreal just as I was coming back from matawini, this is
the second time I see a light ship quite close, the first time over
montreal also this spring. It is a beautiful autoluminescent UFO the
relative size of an orange in the sky compared to a star size pin
point like all my numerous sightings up to now.
It seems to be a major shift in proximity for me. Like a progression
in nearness...

I am praying that this closeness progression continues. During the
Maniwaki contact, my heart chakras was open and I could feel the
overwelming love bliss and brotherhood energy linking me to them, as
it have happen a few years ago when my chakras were open.

Saturday 11 of september 2010

I was at the landing circle of the Matawini site, it was a beautiful starry night, another star watching night for me. I had the idea of waving my arms as an invitation sign and as an expression of my enthousiam for the presence of our star nation family. Then right away I see a UFO blinking in the usual manner, alternatively using UFO specific lightning patterns or plane specific lightning patterns, ending with stationnary lightning and even reverse direction movement to leave no doubt that it is a UFO. It felt really great, this was my first sighting at the Matawini site for this 2010 season. They really do respond to our love and enthousiasm to their presence.
What a beautiful moment, encouraging and fullfilling.


This Celestial Stone that appeared in a lightning strike spiritual experience that occured with my girlfriend on our way back from the sacred cave, seems to be like many other of these mysterious devices that many contactees have been given at some point in their life, with the directive to hide it in a safe place until the time it would be activated to play an important role. Most contactee do not know the actual purpose of these devices, but it is to become clear and self activate when the right time and circumstance occur. In my case, the appearance of this very mysterious and powerful stone goes back to my early childhood and even further back to a previous life   incarnation I had as the shaman of the sacred site of Matawini I discovered at the age of 7 as was predicted by a local indian Elders prophecy.

During a period of my childhood, from 7 to 10 years old, I had many out of body astral experiences, and in all of these occurence, when I was in the astral, I was holding this invisible spherical power stone in my hands, and could feel the power emanating from it, penetrating 6 inches inside my body. During these astral experiences, my astral body, my soul, was going back to the place where my body had been buried at the end of a previous life incarnation as the shaman of the Matawini Sacred Site I discovered at the age of seven, right after I had a powerful initiatic mystical experience when a great Blue Heron came levitate over me with the sun bursting through it's wings. During this childhood extatic transe mystical experience, I saw God's presence, infinite power, bliss and glory in the radiant all illuminating power of the sun. The veil of illusion was completely lifted during this first mystical experience I had in this life.

During these childhood astral experiences, I sometimes spent many hours under the ground holding the spherical stone in my hands fusionned with my previous incarnation. I could even smell the same particular scent of the black earth that is found under the Indian carpet that has been discovered at the sacred cave of Matawini with a folding arrangement of 6 feet by 3 feet, the exact size of a grave. I have been shown in these astral experiences that I had used this power stone in a previous incarnation as the shaman at the Sacred Site of Matawini, and that I died holding this stone of power in my hands, demonstrating the importance that was attributed to it and to it's powers.

This power stone returned to me in this actual life, in a way that can only be termed as miraculous, in an outstandingly powerful thunderbolt lightning spiritual experience that occurred to me and my girlfriend together, on our way back to a visit to the sacred cave.

After it's initial revelation in this actual life, when it manifested when great power at the moment of it's physical transference from the hand of my previous life incarnation to my hand in this life, the stone remained dormant for many many years. Until I discovered how to reawaken it. I had the intuition one day to recreate the initial circumstances when the stone was first manifesting itself, by going to sleep with the stone in my hands, like when it first manifested in these early childhood astral experiences. After 3 nights, the stone reawakened and guided me through an astral travel,   to a celestial heavenly dimension of absolute bliss, extasy and telepathic union with the divine light. I then discovered that this stone has the power to take one's soul to the spiritual dimension of the Sacred Light. It was a very great blessings to me. The Spherical Stone again remained dormant for many years, until the day of this sighting of 2 UFO's in diagonal, when I went in my room to take it, and brought it back outside to do a spiritual ceremony with the Celestrials that where there in their UFO's in the sky over my house. Then, for the first time it manifested with great profusion, a power that I suspected for a long time it might have, the power to create a living communication link with the Celestrials.

The location where this spherical stone manifested with the spiritual light thunderbolt, have always puzzled me because it was on the side of the road, many hundred feet away from the sacred cave. The very great power that manifested through this stone as it appeared also was a mystery in itself. It was like something really important, was involved. Now that I have become aware of the extraterrestrial agenda, and the possibility of a mass rescue operation, I now see the long hidden meaning of this location. It appears now to become quite significant in the whole context of this story. This location is right in front of an area, where there is now a very large circular cleared area in the forest, an area that could received the visitation of a large UFO, and where many hundreds could gather.


One day on the Matawini site, I was taking some photos of a mysterious smooth tunnel like large rock formation that I call the Tunnel of the Wind. When I took the photo I did not see anything particular. But I had a surprise when I looked at the photos on the computer. On   one of them, there was a bright Orb of Light that could be seen flying by in this mysterious tunnel.
This orb must be about 2 feet in diameter. At first I thought that it could be simply my finger that had passed in front of the lens of the camera and produced this light phenomenon. So for a long time I thought it was my finger who had produced this strange anomaly that never occured before in a lifetime of taking many thousands pictures. But one day I decided to clarify this mystery. I went and took my camera and tried to put my finger in front of the lens, and it was impossible... The zoom lens is quite long and it is just not possible to have a finger cover the lens area. It was a genuine Orb of Light I had captured.

Then in the days following this clarification of the authenticity of this Orb of Light, I made a telephone call to a person I did not know yet, but who had been mentioned by someone who had contacted me from California about my discovery of the Matawini site.
This person from California was to come back soon in Quebec. He mentioned me something quite amazing. He said that one day about 6 years ago, as he was meditating with a spiritual friend in nature in the Northen region of the Laurentides in Quebec, his friend coming out of a deep trance had an intuitive inspiration and suddenly said to him: '' There will be an important sacred site that will be discovered close to here in this very region, a sacred site that is related both to the Indians and the Extraterrestrials. That one day the   world would know about the discovery of this site and that he and his friend would get to see it... ''

I thought this was an important intuition, and that I would like to know this person and invite him to visit my web site and later the sacred site so he can see with his own eyes the manifestation and realization of his spiritual inspiration.
So I called him, right at the moment the phone rang, he said he suddenly saw a bright Orb of Light appear in front of him in his living room...


Another element, that also quite clearly corroborate that the Matawini sacred site I discovered is related to some extent to extraterrestrials, in it’s ancient origin, but also in it’s future role. It is the message that was left for me to discovered on the first rock dome altar I found. Right on the central flat stone of this dome altar, there was a very geometric symmetrical shaped stone. This geometric stone was left there on purpose seemingly, as a message that would be received centuries later when an intuitive shaman like me would rediscover it, and would have the foresight to interpret it. This stone had a unique shape that is unquestionably very representative of ... a UFO ! That is a pretty strong confirmation message this sacred site is transmitting me.


May the Great Spirit gives us light and inspiration.

And may the Celestrial be blessed with our eternal gratitude
and devotion for their caring and presence.

CLIC TO SEE DOPLER RADAR pictures of 100 miles diameter UFO MOTHERSHIP at the end of   --   NEW DISCOVERIES PHOTO SLIDE SHOW   --

by Astraelia

This is an introduction to the existence of Celestrial civilizations.
Spiritually advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that are currently attempting to reveal their presence to the population of Earth in order to let us know that they would like to offer us their help as members of the human family.

In the history of every life bearing planet like ours, there comes a point in time when the population of this planet is made aware of it's belonging to a much greater truth than expected. This greater truth that will be openly revealed to all the population of Earth around 2012, is that:  

We are not alone in this universe,
We never were,
And we never will be.

This text is intended for initiating both newcomers and more aware persons to this deep subject, with an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of the phenomenon. (You are welcomed to further it to your friends who you feel are ready to be initiated in the truth about this important reality that is kept hidden from us)

I have some really good news to share with you. And we are in need of good news in our time. This very good news is that we are not alone anymore in this Universe. There is help being offered to us to solve the energy and ecological problems our beautiful planet is facing. But, this help doesn’t come from here, it comes from many different human extraterrestrial civilizations that have come to visit our planet since the 1945 era, in hope of establishing open, peaceful official diplomatic contact with our Earth civilization. They are still around at this very moment and this generous and priceless help is still being offered to us now !

But, you are being prevented to know about this.

Be ready for great discoveries. These civilizations are not only very advanced scientifically as you might expect, but also, very advanced on a spiritual level. They live in what we could call compare to us, higher spiritual dimensions of evolution, while at the same time living on one of the many thousands inhabited planets that exist in our galaxy. These extraterrestrial civilizations have come in good faith visit us, to offer their help but also to give us a clear warning that we have mismanaged our planet resources and ecosystem to the point that we are putting the survival of mankind and of our planet itself in peril.

The Bad News, is that these Extraterrestrial Civilizations who for the immense majority are from the Light and are benevolent toward us, have been met with a total refusal of cooperation from those behind the scene global powers that covertly control our planet institutional network.

Another bad news is that the vast majority of the population on Earth does not even suspect the existence of this covert power mafia on Earth, that is the real power that control behind the scene our institutional network. It is this secret power structure that is maintaining a global blocus on all information on this subject, under the fabricated pretense of National Security, because they know it will be the end of their hidden seizure on the power centers of Earth, the day we will discover that there are great, benevolent and wise civilizations that are willing to start a brand new era of cooperative contact and exchange between earth humans and all other human civilizations that exist on other life bearing planets. This global information blocus on the very real existence of benevolent extraterrestrial civilizations has been put in place so the population is maintained in complete ignorance of these important and vital information, and on all that have been developing in secret scientific and military joint ventures established with certain extraterrestrial races.

We can all agree that these matters can be considered as matters of great importance for humanity and for our planet. I believe we can also agree that any institution, secret or not, legal or not, that attempt to hide such important and vital opportunities from us, is creating us a very great prejudice and should be dealt with with expediency.

But how can you defend yourself against things that you don’t even suspect exist, things that are purposefully kept hidden from you ? This imposed secrecy insure that the population of Earth will have no idea that all the ecological and energy crisis we are in now, could have been completely avoided. We have had the opportunity offered to us around 1947 to freely make use of the same energy generation technology that is used all over the many extraterrestrial civilized worlds that exist. All the terrible devastation of Earth that occurred since, was purposefully perpetrated against our beloved planet by these power crazed super elites that both owns the oil industries and covertly control all the major levers of political, scientific and military power. Do you begin to understand the vital importance of ending this blocus of secrecy.

By the way, do you want another real great news ? It is only because of the tireless monitoring and neutralizing of our nuclear arsenal by the positive extraterrestrials, that we are still alive now. Because many attempts at launching nuclear wars on Earth have been aborted only by the God sent intervention of the positive extraterrestrials who have on many occasions neutralize in time the electronic firing mecanism of the nuclear balistic missiles, or destroyed them in mid air.

So are we talking about some great news !

We live in a time when every one that have a substancial understanding of what is really going on in this world behind the scene is expected to do what he can to inform others so they can have a true understanding of the facts and of what is coming toward us from here to 2012. This is my contribution,

To tell you the truth, this is not a simple task considering the complete void of information into which the general population have been artificially maintained concerning many important matters.

I can only do my best to try to simplify something that is not simple, and to try to resume matters that requires many years of dedicated study. So I will go to the essential. I only ask you to simply listen with an open mind because what I am going to say, is true, and is based on the testimony of many credible expert witnesses that had first hand knowledge of these matters during their career assignation to secret scientific and military ventures. It concerns matters that are of great importance for the future of humanity.

Most people manifest a sincere interest in the question of UFO's and believe in the common sense of the possibility of existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Actually, many polls have shown, that a substancial majority of the
population believe UFO are real, despite the silence and secrecy
maintained on the subject. Most like you probably don’t have any difficulty in believing that Earth humans may not be the only intelligent civilization in this universe, and a majority believe that UFO are real and that our governments are hiding the truth about them and are mistaken in their belief that we are not able or ready to handle the truth!

But since the mass media and the scientific community are equally
silent on the subject, people have stricly no substancial information
that would unable them to develop their own informed judgment on the

In the actual situation, with the wall to wall truth embargo and
psychological warfare of ridicule strategy that is imposed to impede
any possibility of valuable information reaching the public, most
people who take their information from the mass media are left with an
absence of any cogent information, and have been maintained out of the
loop of what have been happening and developing in this domain far
from the scrutiny of the public.

Due to the global information embargo existing in the media on
anything related to this subject, most of our legitimate questions
remain for the most part unanswered.

I myself corresponded perfectly with this profile only a few years ago.
Even if I am a person of vast culture and multiple fields of interests, I can honestly say that like everyone else I never never had been exposed to any serious substancial information on the subject. I thought that this state of affair was due to the fact that no one actually knew anything about this subject period.

Like everyone else the only thing I had vaguely heard about was the
famous 1947 Roswell case where a flying saucer supposedly had crashed, and bodies of extraterrestrials, some dead and possibly some still alive had been
found. In the newspapers of the epoch the army and the government
had indeed initially confirmed the authenticity of the event.

But, due to the obvious national security strategic importance of this paramont event, and the scientific importance of the technology that could be reverse
engineered from such an advanced interstellar craft, there followed rapidly a
shift of position of the army and the government. After having realized
the implications of an event of such magnitude, the US army classified
it as above top secret. They then developed a strategy of official
denial of this capture of an extraterrestrial vehicule and the whole
matter of UFO's where highly classified and known only to a selected
elite within the army and government, and within the circle of highly secret military operations of advanced scientific nature. It is easy to understand that
this astonishing technological treasure could potentially push the US
army light years ahead of all other nations on Earth.

But one day in my research on the internet, I was somehow quided to
discover some very serious web site on the subject:


What I discovered, no one on Earth suspect exist. The global
population on Earth is completely kept out of the loop of the
magnitude of what has developed in top secret ventures put in place
to study and reverse engineer this advance extraterrestrial technology.

From that day on, I knew that what I thought and everybody thought:
That no one knows anything on the subject. Is very, very far from
the truth, and I also found out why? Why we are made to believe this
and remain prisoners of this artificially imposed collective ignorance.

I could see that this was real serious stuff. And I believe every one
can see for himself the far reaching consequences, the revelation of
such reality may imply. Credible high ranking officials of the
scientific and the military that were part of secret scientific
programs dealing with UFO's and extraterrestrial civilizations from
other planets, where now reaching the age of their retreat, and where
ready to divulge what they had witness during their career while in
assignation within these secret ventures. These top ranking experts in
diverse fields were willing to make these divulgation because of the
paramount importance it represent for humanity to know that UFO's are
real and that there are advanced extraterrestrial civilization that
are ready and willing to help humanity while at the same time
acknowledging that there are also some extraterrestrial races that are
power and control oriented just like our actual Earth elite and that
these negative one's have entered into a secret treaty to ally
themselves with our own Earth power elite institutional mafia in order to maintain and amplify this illegitimate secret seizure of power over our planet's destiny.

There is really a lot that has been going on in this field behind the convenient veil of secrecy. These expert witnesses that are courageous enough to talk, also want to see an end to the actual policy of secrecy that is maintained, because they are of the opinion that there are things of such importance for the whole future of humanity that we are not being told about that it far outweight all the other considerations that are used to justify the
truth embargo that is applied at the moment on this paramount subject.

Since this whole subject have been willfully treated with denial and
secrecy by the media and the elite scientific circles of our societies,
most do not dare discuss the subject ever, fearing understandably the stigmate of official ridicule that is used as a psychological deterrent strategy to hinder any attempt of divulgation.

Yet this is a very serious and certainly legitimate matter of concern
for all of us. After only a few hundred years of technical evolution,
we can all see that we are ourselves already interplanetary
travelers. What would it then be, for other intelligent civilizations
that might have had hundreds of thousand if not millions of years of
advanced technical and spiritual evolution?

It is not to difficult to foresee the magnitude of the historic implications of the public revelation of the existence of advanced extraterrestrial civilization
currently orbiting and visiting our planet with a relative discretion

That is why, that behind the fabricated silence of official denial,
and the psychological war of reprobation and ridicule, you better
believe that all top levels insiders in the armed forces of our world
take the reality of extraterrestrial presence very, very seriously. It
is actually THE number one top secret military priority in all
countries, while at the same time a subterfuge of official denial and
secrecy is maintained as an official public policy.

But for the first time in the history of humanity, there is now a
means to circumvene the official institutional censorship on this
subject and many other serious subjects.

This great miracle is called the Internet. The internet has become an
immense encyclopedia of the vast knowledge that has been acquired on
the subject from the revelations made by numerous high ranking
officials of the scientific and military reaching the age of retreat
from their active career.

The very first step to turning around this informational vacuum, may
be to become aware that the information now available on the internet
provides us with an important key to solving this overall mystery.
Some very competent and well informed experts and witnesses have taken
the initiative of breaking this bound of silence on the subject by
using the communication network provided by the Internet to circumvene the global information blackout maintained by the controlled mass media.

We have now a free internet, but that may not last forever, for the very reason that it has proven to be a serious and able vehicule to educate us on all these numerous subjects that are being willfully eluded by the highly controlled outlets of the pretend mass medias.

The problem is that the average person beginning in these matters,
once they have discovered that the internet provides very serious
alternative information, will rapidly also find out that the amount of
information on the subject, is immense and quite complex. A beginner
will easely get confused and would be unable to create for himself a
practical understanding enabling him to achieve some fair conclusions
and judgment on this important subject.

May you allow me to share with you some of the understanding you would
yourself achieve if you were ready or able to invest the thousands of
hours of research and reading on this unsuspectedly vast and important

This brief introduction can only attempt to provide an essential
positive overview of the known key issues partaining to these
understandably complex issues. I will also concentrate on the
positive and spiritual aspects of the phenomenon, the highly advanced
spiritual extraterrestrial civilizations that are on the side of the
Light and are trying to help humanity in the difficult situation we have been lead into.
There are many issues concerning the negative one's, many
competent studies available on the internet cover these matters in depth.

May you be advised that the truth requires it's equivalence in courage and hope.

First thing first, UFO's are very, very real. They come from very
advanced civilizations from other planets in our galaxy, or other
galaxies, who possess highly advanced technologies as is easily
conceivable based on the incredible performances of their interstellar crafts.

What is important to know, is the reason they are here, who they are,
what are their intentions and mission, and what is going to happen in
the future of humanity on this Earth. Any normally intelligent person
is able to grasp the vast implications of a possibly nearby point of
our history, where open official interaction with extraterrestrial
civilizations will have occurred, forever changing the very course of
history, life and culture on our planet through the access to
highly evolved technology and wisdom.

What is not suspected about these ambassadors of the galactic
civilizations, is that they are not only advanced technologically, but
they are also highly advanced ethically and spiritually. Before being
a scientific phenomenon of great importance, this is before all, a
subject of spiritual nature of very great importance. It's just that we
on Earth have been successfully brainwashed to oppose science and
spirituality as mutually exclusive, when this is not the case elsewhere in other
inhabited planets that are not subdued by a dissimulated manipulative elite
like it is our case here.

And this is of a paramount importance. This hidden spiritual dimension
is one of the main reason that there is so much secrecy about them from
the part of the covert elite that controls the levers of power on our planet.

Because, if you haven't notice yet, it doesn't really seem to be the
good guys who are currently in control of the political, financial and
military institutions on Earth. But how could you really know, since
all the medias and all your available sources of information are
silenced on all these important but well hidden matters.

Understandably, faced with this pervading global silence on this
issue, people are lead to think that there is very little reliable
information and answers available to our obvious questions arising on
the subject of extraterrestrial intelligences visiting our planet.

The truth is quite the opposite. Much is known and is to be said
indeed on this already very deep subject, revealing immensely
important new information that will once received forever change the
notion we have of our world, our true potential and the true potential
of life. But, most important, is that we can now have a new confidence in the future, because we, the defenseless civil population of Earth, we are not alone anymore. We now know that we have powerful allies that are sent here in this difficult mission in a spirit of service of the Creator of this Universe, offering their help and guidance in order to free humanity from the covert tyranny that have manipulated humanity into countless artificially created wars through history, and that is preparing another world war right at this very moment.

Not only much is already known about the many different extraterrestrial races,
and their respective agendas, but it has now become a field of
knowledge so substancial, that just having an overall practical grasp
of the subject has become quite a challenging endeavour. So let me
attempt to initiate you to the essence of the matter, and you can
judge for yourself if this is an important and key central issue of
our time, worth your time and consideration.

One of the first secret that should be clarified, is that these
civilizations are not only advanced technologically, but also
spiritually, and that the immense majority of these civilizations are
of the Light and are benevolent toward us. The scare campaing
undertaken by the negative portrayal of extraterrestrials,
consistently presented by the Hollywood film industry, is a campaing
to attempt to hide this quite important fact.

An important aspect to recognize, is that they are not only
extraterrestrial beings, but also interdimensional beings and so are
their crafts. They come from what we would conceive as higher
spiritual dimensions, as far as their spiritual level is involved, while at the same time being embedded into physical bodies like us. They come from planets in this universe from our galaxy and also other galaxies.

Many of them are humanoids very similar to us. The human form is quite common through the numerous life bearing planets like ours. ( The Pleiadians, the Andromedans, Nordic Arians, Arcturians.)

These advanced civilizations are comparable in degree of evolution and wisdom, to what we know on earth as Boudhas, Great Spiritual Teachers. Try to imagine a whole civilization composed of beings sharing this degree of evolution, for hundreds of thousands or millions of years! In fact, it may very well be that some of the great spiritual figures that have appeared on earth in the past may have simply be such extraterrestrials that had accepted to come to assist earth in it's spiritual evolution. It is possible for the very reason that they are civilizations that have achieved this level of spiritual evolution, and that they have themselves alluded to this being true. Great beings like that is the norm in their societies, as it is the exception in ours. We will all eventually evolve to this level of mastery and spirituality if we are ever able to free ourself from the occult boundage imposed by our destructive power elite.

Likewise on a planetary scale of history, in the path of evolution of any planet, there comes a time when the indigenous civilizations of a planet are made aware of the reality of existence of more advanced civilizations from other planets. After an initial cultural chock that is predictable, comes a new era of fruitful exchanges. We are part of an extended family that has been purposefully hidden from us all through our history and culture until now. This is our inheritance and we have a right to know about it.

We are not alone in this Universe, we never were and we never will be.
This is the new Paradigm that will be revealed to everyone around 2012 !

We have had in the far past of our history, before the actual cycle
of civilization our official history present us, a fair number of occurence
of interactions with these high spiritual beings. But, the rare times
that these occurence have been mentioned in our historical or
religious traditions, their existence was always been refered to us
through a substancialy correct, but very incomplete and therefore
somehow misleading notion, the notion of Angels.

This notion of Angels acting as spiritual gardians sent by the Creator
to assist, inspire and guide us, have always find a previleged place
in our heart, even if few of us have ever seen one themselves.
Angels were described as Heavenly Light Beings of a great
spiritual might and wisdom, who come from higher celestial spheres,
and that were able to communicate with humans by appearing to us in
what is often described in paintings as a radiant halo of spiritual
light and power. Those out worldly beings refered to as angels, are,
so we are told non-physical beings, they come from higher spiritual
dimensions, are of a purely spiritual nature and have no physical
bodies like us and don't need any vehicules to come in our
dimensions, they just fly in with what is shown in paintings to be
wings. This is what we are familiar with, and is about all we know of
the subject.

Again, that may very well describe accurately Angels and all this may
perfectly be true. But what is new and important for us and
our future, is that these notions, qualities and potentialities, also
happen to describe with bewildering similarity the essence of what
extraterrestrial beings coming here in UFO's are, and what their role
and purpose is toward humanity !

What is nevertheless quite new in this old story, is that these
spiritual beings we are told are Angels, might also actually be
endowed of physicality like us even if their physicality might be at
a higher vibrational frequency level. They are technically able to adjust
and manifest on our Earth vibrational frequency and dimension that we call
physicality. Instead of being able to just fly in like our religious fairy tales would have us believe, they actually require interstellar and inter dimensional vehicules that we know of and refer to as being UFO's.

The great secret of UFO's is that there is a major spiritual dimension
to it. The great secret about extraterrestrial advanced civilizations,
is that the purpose of their presence and of their role toward us is
essentially the one we have attributed to what we have been teached to
call and believe to be Angels.

The ancient story that is related in all ancient cultures about a great war that happened between Angels of the Light and Angels of the Darkness, also exist in the ancient history of all Extraterrestrial races.

Except that the extraterrestrials know something about this story that we don’t ! Because they have lived it first hand and they were the actual actors of this story. This ancient war that have been turn into a angel fairy tale in our own Earth record, was a war between extraterrestrial forces on the side of the Light against a very negative predatory intruder extraterrestrial civilization in our Universe. And this war was fought using UFO’s and advanced pulse beam weapons, it was not fought using swords and wings to fly around.

So you see that all these elements add up to a lot more than mere resemblances or coincidences. Whether by ignorance or manipulation, our ancestors have been lead to believe Angels where spiritual only beings. But we are now entering a time where the truth is becoming apparent and clear because we have access to serious and well documented alternative sources of information available on the erudite side of the Internet.

So when there may very well be strictly spiritual angels that have
interacted with humanity through history, it is also true, that real
physical extraterrestrial beings coming from other planets, have
interacted with humanity in the far past, but have been always
purposefully been assimilated or made believe to be angels of a non
physical nature. This assimilation has been easy to establish and
maintain, because they both displayed altogether similar qualities of
being Light bearers, highly spiritual, endowed with great wisdom and
have accepted to play a role of custodial gardian of humanity,
bestowed to them by the Prime Creator.

So, the Creator in his great bountiful generosity and mercy, have
given us not only the graceful and blessed protection of spiritual
only angels, but also, that of highly evolved ethical spiritual beings
that possess full physicality like us, and that unlike their purely
spiritual conterpart, are technically equipped to manifest and
intervene on the same frequency level as our third dimension physical

You can all see easily by yourself, what a great difference these
qualifications makes.

Some like spiritual only angels can intervene only in wishes, and can only
wish they could intervene.

But others, as in the case of these technologically and
spiritually advanced Celestrial civilizations, can actually materialize at
will in our own dimensional frequency and intervene with great
military might if so asked by the Prime Creator that they serve out of
pure love for him and all his creation.

It seems obvious that many in our so called governing institutions,
seem to wish that these positive exter civilizations did not come mingle
in the affairs of Earth, because they know they have the power and full
capability to intervene a lot more than just in wishes.

There is a new civilization arising now on Earth. Hundreds of millions of people around the world who knows what is going on behind the fabricated surface of the mass media and politically correct official censorship, because they are taking their source of information from very serious studies and documentation available on very serious sites that are now present on the internet. This is the real reason they want to take control and censor the internet. Because the truth is all up there available for free.

There is a new civilization of those who know and understand the truth, and don’t believe anymore in the fairy tales our manipulated religions and mass medias have used to dumb us down.

That is the situation for NOW, but it is rapidly changing, and whether
you are ready or not, great things are in incubation, that will
forever change the actual paradigm of isolation of earth humanity from
knowing the truth about the existence of friendly advanced
extraterrestrial civilizations from other inhabited planetary systems.

We have been and are currently being manipulated into not knowing the
true reality and structure of the make up of our Universe and the
great highly evolved spiritual civilizations that inhabit it.

These are highly ethical civilizations, and their technology is not
only very advance, it is also holistic, respectful and one with the
spiritual dimension of life. Everything in their civilization is in
line with the spirit of the Prime Creator. They are the bearers of
it's Light and the ambassadors of it's presence.
They are part of the Great Brotherhood of Light
and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

And this is what is being hidden from all of us. This is the paramount
importance and substance of what is being hidden from us.
This is the hope that is being hidden from us!

Because some of them have been given gardianship duties concerning the
evolution of our emerging Earth civilization, these Celestrial beings know
well our hidden ancient history, and the history of the manipulation
of our civilization by the elite that have attained seizure of
the levers of governance of our social institutions.

We are now approaching the non-return point where Earth civilization
will openly discover the nature and existence of extraterrestrial
ethical civilizations.

But this is not all we will discover. We will eventually discover that they are
also our family. They are our cosmic and genetic ancestors, the archaic genetic fathers of the different races existing on Earth.

Contrary to the evolution theory of man descending directly from the ape we have been made to believe, the missing link in our evolution that we have always looked for in our planet, this missing link is not to be found here, but is extraterrestrial in origin.

Humankind has been originally seeded on Earth by the angelic Celestrial civilizations of the Light, implementing the Divine Plan that was envisioned for Gaia. We where brought from 4 different extraterrestrial Planets each contributing one of the 4 root race of humanity, the white, red, yellow and black race. We have been brought here as accomplished spiritual masters with all our chakras opened and connected, and a much richer ADN of 12 strands instead of 2 strands like remains now.

Earth was a true spiritual paradise for many hundreds of thousands of years, until this holy planet was invaded 5 hundred and fifty thousand years ago by a military extraterrestrial contingent of the Dark Force of Ankara, who brought a devolution of our DNA and erased the memory of who we where and where we came from by the use of high voltage electrochocs who completely erased the memory bank of all our incarnations. Actual humanity also descend from an hybrid genetic encounter between these 4 original seed races and about 21 different advanced extraterrestrial races that have come here in a far past of our history that has been completely erased from all our recordings and memory. This is why there is still today 21 different racial types on Earth.

So we are all from the stars, nobody is really strictly speaking from
here. We are ourselves partly extraterrestrials, and extraterrestrials
are partly us. We are brothers. We are family. We are all One !

We will also eventually discover that these elder brothers and
fathers of humanity are also on a spiritual level, our protectors and
have been given by the spiritual hierarchy, a role of Watchers of
earth civilization evolution. They are the Angels we have believe existed and assumed this very role. It is they who deserve our gratefulness for this selfless mission they have accepted.

All through our history, this extraterrestrial reality has always been
purposefully hidden and purposefully presented as spiritual only
realities and beings. There has been many time periods in the far
past, where exter civilizations were predominantly present in the
affairs of our world.

Actually the ancient civilizations we know as Atlantis and Lemuria were part of an
extraterrestrial colonization era in our planet history, before humanity existed. Many major archeological discoveries have been made that proves beyond doubt the existence of this pre homo-sapiens extraterrestrial civilization that existed before the actual cycle of civilization proposed by official history, but these discoveries are kept under great secrecy, or destroyed on purpose, so the population of Earth never enlighten to the extraterrestrial dimension existing in the tread of Earth ancient history.

The return of interest into the affairs of Earth from the part of
positive extraterrestrial civilizations is attribuable to a very specific
occurence: the first explosions of nuclear weapons on this planet
around 1945. Nuclear weapons are a totally forbidden technology all over this
universe, because of their obvious long term extreme ecological
danger, but also because of other serious perturbations they create into the
other dimensions of the universe structure, including the space-time continuum that UFOs use to come here in the vincinity of Earth. In other words, this problem of nuclear weapons has now become more than our problem. it has become also their problem. So THEY
have decide to intervene and let us know their very profond disagreement and concern upon this matter.

There are numerous secret military reports of extraterrestrial crafts that have demonstrated their technical capacity to neutralize the electronic launching equipment of nuclear balistic missiles. Hundreds of UFOs have been sighted hovering over missile bases, monitoring and demonstrating their presence and letting our military know that they can disable the electronic firing mecanism of the missiles. UFOs have even changed the secret codes used for firing these missiles, so that they cannot be launched. There have been in the last 50 years, more than one occasion where an actual nuclear war have been stop only by the intervention of UFOs. You understand that these military interventions from our extraterrestrial brothers clearly state on which side they are, who they are, and what is their mission.

Because of the very negative dynamic our emerging planet is
generating, under the hegemony of the dark forces that are currently
covertly ruling our societies, Earth has now been put in a global
quarantine, put under isolated surveillance by a military blocus because of
the potential danger we represent for the future to the other galactic
civilizations, who understand that a civilization like ours who
doesn't know it is being manipulated by powerful dark forces, can
eventually become a treat to all the other advanced civilizations
because they see we are approaching the time where we will have the
technical capacity to access interstellar travel and that we may
export our extremely dangerous nuclear arsenal and our dangerously
primitive and irresponsible aggressive behavior that has been
programmed into us by the Dark Side manipulators of our very primitive so called modern civilization.

The nuclear bomb military capacities we have represent
an extremely dangerous equation for all these advanced civilizations,
who like our Native American Indians, consider themselves as gardians
and keepers of the sacred gift of Nature the Prime Creator has
entrusted into all of us.

Another big problem with entering the field of extraterrestrial civilizations,
Is that it is close to impossible to reveal any substancial truth about
the extraterrestrial reality without having to deal with another
hidden truth that is also at the center of all this. The existence of a
paramount manipulation that exist here on earth from the part of a mafia
type secret Zionist network that does not at all have the best interest of
humanity at heart. This manipulative Earth elite that is often referred to as the Illuminati secret society, the Free Masons, The New World Order, is actually a very ancient order, but it is now reaching a critical stage in their plan of global infiltration and takeover of world governance institutions.

This manipulative Elite has infiltrated and corrupted from the inside, all our key political institutions and communication networks. Through history, they have cleverly manipulated the inner content of all the great institutional religions, achieved censorship over the content of education in key domains like history, ancient pre-homo sapiens archeology, electromagnetic science, free energy generation devices. This stealth manipulation strategy has successfully implanted within our very belief system the seeds of their hidden plan of domination over us and over our minds. So it takes quite an amount of courage, maturity and intellectual stamina to deal with all these deep issues, this is no kid stuff. It shatters all existing paradigms on which our concept of society is based.

Let me explain in a few words the way this secret manipulation operates. There is a secretive network consisting of a series of interlocked secret societies that acts as incubators of nominees, persons who will eventually be named to important posts in our society. These secret or semi secret organizations use their leverage to position it’s agents in all key upper level decisionnal position of the pyramidal structure of our society. By controlling the upper echelon of the many pyramidal structures that our society is made off, with a relatively small number of individuals, this conspiracy is able to achieve a systemic overall ascendancy over all the fields of development of our societies, steering events and decisions in the direction their World Dominion takeover plan requires, in a manner that is independent and in complete opposition to the legitimate needs of the population.

The inner core of this manipulation of our societal institutions, is a century old cartel of international bankers who actually own and control all the central banks in all countries, like for instance the Federal Reserve of the USA, while at the same time maintaining the false belief that these central banks are independent and owned by the diverse respective countries they are in. They thereby possess the power of issuance of the money supply that they than lent back to the government with interests added to it. By secretly controlling both the flow of money supply and the interest rate, they have the ability to manufacture with scientific precision all the great financial crash we have known in history, including the one that is happening at this very moment, or the great inflationary crisis that many countries have been subjected to. In all these crashes, since they always have full knowledge of what will be their next move, they are able to gain immense fortunes that are channeled to their banking network while the rest of the world painfully looses all their fortune. This is the greatest fraud of all times. But this is only the beginning of the story.

Through secret services agencies of which they control some black operation factions, they have the latitude to completely engineer behind the scenes fabricated false attacks like 9/11. Using these false attack to blame an innocent party, they bully their way ahead by using this manufactured pretext to declare a war, while at the same time using this war to take over important oil fields or natural resources that will be captured in the process. By blackmailing politicians by treats of stopping the flow of their electoral financing, they are in position to buy the politicians of both parties into supporting legislation that provoke these totally artificial wars like the Irak war. Through their ownership of all the major mass media outlets they have total control of the mind of the populace who is never exposed to any of the behind the scene workings of this conspiracy to implement this contrived war scam. The ensuing war declaration then consequently force the government to take huge loans in the private international banks of this international war mafia. These loans are issued at unending long term compounded interest rates to finance these wars. Through their ownership of the major arms industries, they make multi billions profits at every war they manufacture. And to end the scam, through their ownership of the major construction companies, they make an other round of profit by securing for themselves the reconstruction contracts to rebuild at great expenses the destruction they have created with total impunity. The hundred of millions of individuals killed in these money grab wars are just irrelevant collateral damages to them. These are the people who truly rule our world behind all the make believe.

Be warned that there is a secret plan to proceed with an artificially fabricated false UFO attack. This covert military operation would simulate an attack using ultra secret Earth built magnetic levitation vehicule very similar to the real extraterrestrial ones. The objective of this falsified UFO attack is to terrorize the Earth population in making them believe that all extraterrestrials are our enemies, when the truth is that it is the Zionist secret Cabal that is actually behind these false attacks, and that they are hiding the fact that it is they, the Zionist secret Cabal that is the major number one enemy of Earth humanity, and that it is this dark Cabal that have treasonously sold out our planet to created an alliance with the few negative extraterrestrial races that exist amongst the thousands of positive one. As the saying goes, with friends like that, nobody need enemies. What else would you expect from an old established war profiteering mafia.

This scenario is essentially similar to the way the Zionist secret cabal have successfully orchestrated 9/11 that was a covert secret military operation where the 2 World Trade Center Towers and tower 7 were demolished by pre-positioned industrial demolition high tech explosives, put into place by the Jewish secret service the Mossad, and the secret intelligence service of the US military. The Pentagon was hit not by a civil plane but by a US military missile, all in order to create an artificial fabricated justification to start another major war. All the major wars, financial crisis and pseudo-revolutions in our Earth history since thousands of years have been artificially created and staged managed in such manner by these same behind the scene manipulators.

This intended man made false UFO attack operation would simulate an attack from extraterrestrial UFO's using Earth-built magnetic levitation vehicule and pulse beam weapons technology acquired by the extraterrestrial technology transfer agreement the Cabal has made with the 3 negative exter races. The objective is to confuse humanity and induce us into error, so humanity does not discover that the immense majority of extraterrestrial races are benevolent and friendly towards us, and that they are coming here amongst other reasons, to protect us against the dark plans of this corrupt Zionist elite mafia. In front of this huge military-media-industrial cartel, we as civilians are totally defenseless. The Cabal will than use this fabricated false extraterrestrial attack perpetrated by their own earthly secret service, to scare humanity into accepting their New World Order military dictature under the pretext that this new global world treat requires a new Global World Government response military capacity. This is serious stuff my friends.

One reason why positive Celestrial civilizations are relatively so discrete, is that the US military has now acquired advanced pulse beam weapons from the high tech transfer deal they signed with negative exter races, and that they now have the military capacity to shoot at positive Celestrial space crafts. The US military also possess high energy radars that they can lock on UFOs, and that produce perturbations in the magnetic field the UFOs use to travel, inducing them to loose control and crash, in order for the US military to access the very advanced technology of the extraterrestrials by reverse-engineering the technology recuperated from these crashed UFOs. So no wonder they are very careful.

Know that if Celestrial civilizations were hostile to us, they could have invades us very easily a long time ago. All the contrary, since 60 years they have proceeded very progressively to acclimate us peacefully to their presence, proving that their intentions are benevolent and that they have our best interest at heart. This is what scares the hell out of the secret government Cabal, that we now have FRIENDS, powerful friends that are on the side of the population of Earth.

It does not mean that these positive Celestrial civilizations will automatically come to our defense if the Cabal goes into full mode of implementation of their New World Order. They may come if WE ask for their help, and if enough of us ask for their help ! As they are totally telepathic races, your inner soul decision as to this effect will clearly be perceived by them. And this is what they are really waiting for.

The best alternative there is at the moment, is that the Celestrials, the positive spiritually advanced extraterrestrials, create and take the initiative of the momentum by revealing themselves first, in a progressive massive peaceful worldwide demonstration of their presence and existence. The Celestrials from different human inhabited planets are regrouped in a Galactic Federation that acts as the main supervising organization of the Celestrial races that have accepted to come here and be part of the large Armada that is currently surveiling the developments that are occuring on Earth. They are very well aware of the existence and the agenda of the secret power mafia that is currently occupying and manipulating all the top levels of the institutional pyramid that control our society.

But, these positive Celestrials will go into full implementation mode of this open revelation strategy, only as a last resort, because they have to respect a non-intervention code into the affairs of primitive planets like ours, where due to the global disinformation we are subjected to, most of the population have not yet reach the level of conciousnes necessary to accept the very real existence of highly advanced spiritual extraterrestrial races.

But, there is an exception to this code of non-intervention that may aloud the Celestrials to reveal themselves and intervene constructively in our favor. They are aloud to intervene and reveal themselves if enough people on Earth sincerely ask for their help and sincerely wish that they reveal themselves to us in full light.

You may see now why it is important that the maximum possible of humans of good will, become conscious of the truth. You see now why your very own consciousnes, is important and that you are yourself, every one of you, an important contributor in this mega evolution we are all living together. All the hundreds of millions of humans of good will, that are now fully aware of the Celestrials existence, and understand the importance of all this, they where just like you just a few years ago, before they where informed of the truth by someone that had himself been informed of the truth.

You see, it is a chain of truth that brings the spark of Light in the dark night of lies we are living in. You can recognize the truth in the aspect that the truth always transforms you. Remember also, only the truth can set us free.

A few centuries ago, on our planet, there has been a similar paradigm shift , when the official institutions on our planet finally openly accepted the reality that our planet is not flat and is not the center of the world.

An even greater paradigm shift is in preparation now, about the open acceptance by our institutions of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. This has happened on many planets like ours before, this is now our turn. It is a momentous event in the life of a planet, this is the greatest days of our planet where we will discover our full inheritance the Creator has blessed us with, when we will be initiated into the full extent of our extended family and kindred.

Likewise as the scientific postulate of Galile that the Earth is round and turns around the sun, it will soon be simple and obvious common sense to accept the reality that we are far from being alone in this Universe.

This is why you have seen recently all around the world, one after the other, many governments who revealed and opened to the public all their UFO investigation files that were kept secret since 60 years. This is a progressive acclimatation step that is preparing an eventual full scale official disclosure of the extraterrestrial existence.

At the ONU headquarters, there has recently been a series of secret meetings of high ranking civil and military representatives of many countries, that have been discussing the possible scenarios of open divulgation of the truth about the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations now engaging us for a new Era of fruitful and civilized collaboration and exchanges.

But first we have to show ourselves worthy of this great opportunity that present itself.
And the extraterrestrial civilization have to be convinced that we are sufficiently civilized and mature to enter into peaceful and constructive exchanges with these more advanced civilizations from other human inhabited planets.

So you see, whoever we are, whatever are our actual beliefs and level of personal evolution, we cannot anymore avoid becoming aware of the implications of the extraterrestrial presence and reality. It will be right in our face soon, one way or another. Whether we are ready or not. If we understand what is really going on based on wise and authentic sources of information like the Internet Network now provides on this subject and many others, we stand a chance for a very bright future. If we take our sources of information and directives from the corrupt and complicit mass media and politicians, humanity will be manipulated into oblivion as easely as a 2 years old child.

So you see, one of the major reason of all this secrecy on the matter of
of extraterrestrial existence and presence, is that some factions in our governance hierarchy want to hide from us the Earth population, that you and I now have FRIENDS, powerful and wise friends.

We are not alone anymore against the axis of manipulation that is
insidiously guiding our planet into nuclear and ecological oblivion. Our Earth Global Governance cartel want to hide from us that we have friends that care for us and our future and are ready, able and willing to help us if so we desire. These friends are powerful, scientifically, militarely and spiritually. This is what disturb so much our Earth dark elite. It is real bad news for them and their world take over secret plan of global dictature they call The New World Order.

Alone, humanity would have simply very little chance of winning and
preserving a semblance of freedom against this alliance of the negative
extraterrestrial races & the huge covert militaro-politico–industrial-media cartel that have recently successfully orchestrated the events of 9/11 and Irak war to further their world dominion through the device of artificially fabricated wars and terror.

The interest and high ethical stature of these advanced
extraterrestrial civilizations who for the vast majority of them are
at the service of the Light, is indeed a very great blessing for the survival
of a free humanity on this planet.

It will eventually be revealed to us that someone who claims to be family is knocking on our door, and wishing to present us their homage and blessings, in good faith and in good will. This is the dawn of a new age on Earth, nothing less. It is the time of the return of the Light. And the Light is always preceded by the Truth. And the Truth is always preceded by an open mind.

In Brotherhood.

astraelia@gmail.com     http://astraelia.piczo.com












(compiled from different credible and wise channeling sources)

The Galactic Federation of Light is the large armada of many thousands starships coming from numerous advanced celestrial civilizations that have accepted to come to the help of humanity and Mother Earth in these paramount times. We are most fortunate that these long lost members of the human family have accepted to provide benevolently their help to us. They have come mainly for 3 great priorities.

- To help and guide all those that are spiritually ready and willing into the process of the spiritual ascension into a higher dimensional frequency level that will occur around 2012.
- To contribute to the liberation of humanity from the covert power seizure of the Zion Illuminati secret society and it's secret alliance with negative extraterrestrial races.
- To provide help to humanity in the occurence of some major natural perturbations. They would provide assistance in terms of food, shelter, free energy devices and a possible mass evacuation in their large mother ship if and when it becomes absolutely necessary. The possible spectrum of events that might generate such large scale survival crisis are many and may dynamically compound together:

- It covers a possible sun magnetic super storm that would collapse all electrical grids and computer systems.

- the Gravitational Perturbation and ensuing giant tsunami caused by the cyclic returning of the planet Nibiru.
( Latest reports from the Galactic Federation reveal that Nibiru's trajectory has been modified and that it will be no more a perturbation influence in the 2012 scenario.)

- a Geophysical Pole Shift or Magnetic Polar Inversion.
(The Galactic Federation has revealed that it is now proceeding in a very progressive way to the righting up of the tilt of Earth rotational axis, in order to bring it back to it's original state. They are doing this over a long period of time in a manner that will bring a minimum of perturbation possible.)

- a Mega Gamma Ray Wave coming from the central sun of our galaxy that the ancients have known to occur cyclically every 26,500 thousands years and is now predicted for december 21 2012. (All time travel machines coming from technological exchange arrangement with extraterrestrials, that where existing on Earth have been disassembled, based on the advices from human from the future, since these devices have been known to spontaneously activate themselves at the moment of alignment with the Galactic Central Sun, with the consequence that they multiplied the energy coming from the center of the galaxy, sending an excessive amount of energy to the Earth crust, with the consequence that mega earthquakes are produced. This dangerous threat is now out of the scenario.)

The Galactic Federation of Light insures us they are actively and successfully working to alleviate the potential impact of these possible perturbations. They are here to insure the full success of the spiritual ascension process on decree of the Prime Creator of this Universe. They are what we here on earth call Angels. Angels are a lot more than we have been told, they are also our ancestral brothers and sisters who have sown Earth with the beautiful Light Beings we were before our Planet was invaded Eons ago by a contingent of the Dark forces. The Celestrial forces are coming here to help to recreate a New Spiritual Age of Light on Earth and a new Era of collaboration and exchanges with the numerous advanced spiritual civilizations from other inhabited planets we have been cut off from since thousands of years.)




From an ambassador from Andromeda

The appearance of our great starships will be a shock to almost everyone on your planet. It will be a first time for most people to see a fully materialized ship from another planet. Heretofore, many appearances have been holographic images transmitted from our ships in orbit. Our arrival will cause many changes to your previously held beliefs.

Our current plan is to make appearances in a number of locations simultaneously. This will heighten the value of our debut. As we have stated many of your systems and institutions will be shocked by our arrival. Many people will continue to deny the reality of what they see with their own eyes; many will fear. So this will not be a momentary appearance and then we depart; no, we will stay awhile.

There will be some interchange of communications from our ships to you via your radio and television. We will also be transmitting telepathically. The basic message will be as follows:

We are here at the request of many of this planet. We come in peace. We do not wish to overwhelm you, or to be treated as superior. Only our technology sets us apart from you.

This is the end of an era for the people of this planet. The darkness that has overwhelmed you for many thousands of years is lifted. You may now see yourselves as the beautiful beings whom you are. You are our sisters and brothers. Welcome back into the family.

We would like to help you correct your presence on this planet, so that you will no longer assault Earth. We wish to help you live at peace with each other and with your home.

To that end, we will help you develop technology that will enable you to do this. Also we are making certain adjustments to the planet to return her full function to her. She is a beautiful sphere that has been chained these many years.

There will be a period of transition to the new. We will work to minimize its impact on all of you. Please join with us in a spirit of friendship and mutual assistance.

This is a preview of the message you will receive when we make our appearance. Please broadcast it so that many will know.

Conditions on your planet are quite fragile, much more than you are being led to believe. Your economy and governments are stressed. Your environment is stretched to the limit. You are unable to continue on this path. Major changes will be required. Are you ready to undertake these changes? Are you ready to step up to become citizens of the cosmos? Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

The most obvious group who will be forced to openly recognize our existence is your military. They will come to see that they have no place in peaceful interaction between civilizations from different planets. Sophisticated weapons of your military were designed with the assistance of those who came here under the guidance of the dark energy. We wish them to be turned off before we make our appearance so that there will be no injuries to those on your planet or to our ships.

Next will be governments, who will be forced to admit that they are part of a larger whole. They will send emissaries to meet with us, to speak for the people, however our mission is to speak to the people directly; we will do that. Many will “hear” us speaking to them directly. All will be startled. Those who are awake will accept us as their brothers and sisters. Those who are less awake will be dismayed, but they too can see us as non-threatening, if they will change their perspective.

And, yes, many will fear us and reject us. Those who cling to old religious notions will fear us the most. Religious leaders can do much to ease the fears of those who look up to them. Will they do that? We will see.

Scientists will change their views of what is possible and what is not. Some of their physics will be outdated. Again, some will resist. We anticipate that most will eagerly accept.

Those who deal with the environment will see us as a way to cleanse the Earth. That we will do, as well as changing attitudes about your planet. Many of our transmissions will be made to help people to understand Earth as a living organism.

All institutions set up by the agents of the dark energy will be impacted. We will not impose our ways on you; only show you at there are other ways. Showing ourselves will assist you to rethink your priorities.

We come here not to destroy Earth or her people, rather we wish to jolt humankind with the realization that there is more to living than leading a self-centered life. Those who are caught up in that mode will fail to accept us.

Your methods of transportation will be seen as outmoded. This will lead to demands for radical change. We will show you the way; you must implement it for yourselves.

Communications will be altered as you see that you can communicate without the need for electronics. This will change the shape of your telecommunications.

We have previously spoken of the energy sources that we have installed. These will ease your burden during this time of transition.

Yes, the impact of our showing ourselves in this density will be overwhelming, particularly to those who cling to the old ways. This may produce a few weeks of painful adjustment. Be prepared for dislocations of the conventional.

It is only after we make ourselves know that we will make certain adjustments to your planet. We have previously spoken of these. These too will cause some temporary adaptations. Be prepared and help those who do not yet understand. Earth is returning to her pristine, beautiful state. Humankind is returning to its state before the dark energy invaded your planet and modified you. Some will be see this as ascension; in reality it is a returning and new grounding. From there you will advance to be a planet of the cosmos.

All facets of your current context will be affected. Look to each other in preparation for our time of arrival. Examine for yourself how it would change your life. Do a little homework in anticipation of our arrival. Discuss it with others.

I am the God of this universe. The words of Bren-Ton are my words to you. You are me; I am you. You are my creatures, but at the same time we are one. You are all of me. Now is the time when your sisters and brothers will make their appearance. Welcome them.

You too may have lived on other planets than Earth. Recall those experiences now to assist the transformation of this planet. Recall your training for this moment.

Those of you who read these words will resonate with them in a particular fashion. They will trigger within you something long buried. Be open to that new urging, those new insights. Come from a place of love for your sisters and brothers and for your planet Earth. I am the God of this universe; I welcome you to the fullness of your being.

When enough people make individual decisions for change, it reorganizes the energy of a planet. Normally this is a gradual process, however these are not normal times. The convergence of so factors makes this an extraordinary time. We, who are here to assist, plan to speed up this process by making ourselves known.

That will happen in the near future. It will shatter the conventional context for most people. After that it will be up to everyone to reconstruct a new way of seeing and believing. This is where you, and others like you who understand, come in. Continue to give insights into a beautiful and loving new civilization. We are hopeful that enough people will wake up to this possibility to create real energetic change. When this happens a shift will take place. Throwing off the current context and adopting a new one is likely to engender fear of the unknown in many people. Help them to trust in a beautiful and loving way of being.

The stage is set; the players are assembled. All is in readiness for the great event. We will appear soon. Help to prepare the attitude of the other actors to openness and acceptance of our good will.

I am Justine from the planet Supsten of the star system Altair. I give all of you our blessings on your work.

Whew, I am overwhelmed. Thank you, God. Thank you Bren-Ton.



(from MARK kIMMEL:   www.cosmicparadigm.com/Marks_Corner )

• Our brothers and sisters from other star systems are here in large numbers. An armada of their starships is in orbit about Earth. At Earth’s invitation, they have been supplying light to enable her to recover. They are also here to assist us through our transition. Many of them are already here on the planet.

• They see themselves as our brothers and sisters because their ancestors brought life to this planet. Like us, some of our brothers and sisters are embodied spirits; others are quite different. Our original human ancestors were highly conscious, believed in God, and knew from whence they had migrated.

• They see our transition as already underway. They see us as enslaved by our current beliefs and institutions, and by our traditions. They point out that some of our man-made institutions, like the economy, are already under severe stress. In their view the economy, government and other institutions will soon be replaced with ones attuned to the needs of the majority of Earth-humans, not designed to benefit the wealthy and powerful, as is now the case.

• As a part of the transition, many people will choose to cling to their traditional beliefs. Only those who have turned their backs on the current paradigm will remain on Earth to become the leaders of a new civilization, and the caretakers of Earth when she is returned to her pristine state.

• A dark energy descended onto this planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. It engulfed the planet and her people with fear, creating chaos, and degrading the nature of Earth’s human occupants. The agents of this dark energy, physical beings, appeared as gods to the humans, setting up the structures of enslavement that are in force to this day, including false premises and a morass of beliefs. They caution us to recognize that these agents of the dark energy are very real, infecting all of our institutions.

• Our off-planet allies will cleanse Earth’s environment, as well as remove the agents of the dark energy and all humans who do not wish to remain. This will create a level playing field on which we, the remaining humans of earth, will create a new civilization. The moon, an artificial satellite, placed here by the dark energy to harness Earth, will be removed. Earth’s climate will be returned to overall moderate by shifting the axis of rotation. These actions will shift weather patterns, and cause some volcanic and earth-shift activity.

• As many of us as possible -- those who are willing to assist -- are invited to remain on Earth. We are cautioned to prepare for this time of transition by securing food, water, and shelter. As an interim measure, our relatives from Altair will supply us with a source of electricity to replace burning hydrocarbons. We are reminded that our personal energy of light can do much to assist others during these times. They are seeking leaders with whom they can work.

• Our brothers and sisters point out that all is energy; our physical reality on Earth the slowest in the galaxy. Energy shifts are affecting our physical bodies. Time is speeding up. We are advised to view our surroundings as a stage upon which a grand drama is taking place, and savor our time here. They encourage us to adopt an attitude of loving observers to what surrounds us. They also point out that we are consenting to the current paradigm and that if enough of us decide to change it we can.

• The Christian church, formalized under Constantine, was forced upon traditional Roman society. The leaders of the church used a decree about homosexuality to gain leverage over the Roman army. They see our religions as a form of mind control. Our brothers and sisters assert that they “know” there is a God, and work in concert with Him.

• They have shared what life is like on their home planet and how our lives can develop after our institutions, like capitalism, crumble; telling us that a civilization based on love would be dramatically different than that which we have know for the past hundreds of thousands of years. Respecting our diversity and uniqueness, they invite us to tell them how they can assist us to create a new civilization unique to Earth.

• Our brothers and sisters plan to make an appearance in their great starships – they do not commit to a specific date. This “jolt” will provide the final impetus to the grand transition of humanity, causing many changes to our previously held beliefs, and to our institutions. They ask that we see them as other humans, not as gods.

January 1st is just around the corner. Our brothers and sisters who are here to assist ask us to communicate our vision for what we would like for the new humanity. Please direct your meditations of the 1st toward this and keep it in your heart on the 1st and every day of the new year.

We anticipate that an event of disclosure will be forthcoming in a short time, wherein the government will reveal the existence of UFOs, ETs, and their cover-up of that information. It is not clear whether this will involve the active participation of governments with ET projects; that may take a while to surface.

Bren-Ton: We see the agents of the dark energy scrambling to assemble Earth-human manufactured starcrafts to create an event to convince the people of their power as well as instill fear of their brothers and sisters from other star systems. They are doing this in complicity with Earth-humans who desire to retain their power, both within the U.S. government and within private corporations. They desire to have this event happen very soon, prior to the legitimate disclosure of the truth about UFOs, extraterrestrials, and your government’s involvement with off-planet beings.

We want as many people as possible to know in advance that this is the plan of the dark ones, so that they can help others see any attempt on the part of the agents of dark to instill fear and overwhelm the legitimate disclosure of the truth. How all of these events will eventually materialize is dependent on the free will choices of many.


from Mike Quinsey

*************** Atmos  28-January-2009 **********************
You have entered a period of time that promises much, that will indicate the way your lives will eventually change. You now rightly expect to see steps taken in a direction that will undo the disastrous decisions, made since the turn of the century. The influence of the dark forces does of course go back much further, but it has been more prevalent in recent years. Both the dark and the Light have recognized the coming end of the cycle. Yet the dark ones still have the arrogance to believe that they can stall your progress, and the final act of Ascension. Their actions have been planned and calculating, but they have reckoned without the power of the people. You have gloriously risen above their fear laden traps to prevent you lifting up your vibrations. You represent a power that operates at a conscious level, and as long as you keep focused on your vision you will be invincible.
It is possible to live your life in the midst of the turmoil, and yet feel free from the affect of the lower energies that are all around you. Naturally if they directly affect you, it requires great concentration and dedication to the Light to stay out of reach of their impact upon your life. Your strength can come from knowing that whatever happens now or in the immediate future, it will be short lived. Beyond the present changes awaits all that will turn around your lives, and bring you permanent release from the control of the dark ones. Of this you are assured, and having now lost control they are subject to infighting in their efforts to regain lost ground. The Light will always have the advantage of knowing what is planned against them, and that is necessary as the dark forces play to their own rules, and not Universal Law.
The Light is powerful beyond measure and continues to grow as you attract even more to Earth. A great grid of Light encircles it, and spreads outwards as beacons of Light are established everywhere. The dark wreak death and destruction and it is there for everyone to see, whilst the Light works at a level that silently and almost unnoticed creates a pathway to Ascension. We frequently emphasize the goal that you are heading for, because you must not lose sight of the whole purpose of being here at this time. If there is such a thing as the “chosen ones” it is all of you, because you are privileged to be present on Earth at such an illustrious time. We describe the coming Ascension as a unique event, because it is the first occasion that you have been given the opportunity to ascend with your physical body. It will be a wonderful experience, and you will be fully prepared for it beforehand. It has always been the intention that it will centre around the 23rd December 2012.
The plan for your Ascension is contained within the many cycles that are part of the orderly function of the Universe. It is not a process confined to Earth or just your Solar System and is happening by divine decree, and we can confidently assure you that it will not be delayed. Why otherwise would we of the Galactic Federation be encircling your Earth, with millions of craft in readiness for First Contact and the restoration of Mother Earth. You are doing your part in moving things forward by being channels for the Light. You are also carrying out tasks that can only be done at your level, and is the preparation necessary to make our open arrival possible. Our safety is not the real issue but yours is as the dark will have no scruples about removing those who get in their way. Of course we offer you protection, but sometimes you put yourselves in harms way.
We must reiterate that we cannot just appear on Earth en masse without permission, or intervene in matters that have been karmically brought about by you. You are the creators of your experiences, and it is not for another to take them away as lessons are clearly meant to be learnt. You would not evolve if you did not experience the results of your thoughts and actions. However, with the closing of the cycle the Law of Grace comes into operation, and the Creator has decreed that those who are of the Light shall be released from their remaining karma. Many a life at this time has been planned as a final thrust to clear karma, and it is why they have been full of challenges. However, as hard and trying that they may be, you would not be expected to take on more than you were capable of handling.
Life in the lower vibrations is all about gaining experience, and eventually leaving the cycle a greater and more evolved soul than when you first came into it. Since you cannot rise up until you achieve a higher state of consciousness, obviously you will continue to experience duality until you do. We would hasten to add that it has been your decision to come to Earth, but you are not left in a position where you cannot rise up again. You are helped all of the way, but sometimes you fall to a level where you begin to lose contact with your Higher Self. Then you find it difficult to change your mindset that has become mired in the feeling of separation from God. Indeed, some enter denial of their god selves, and become victims of the darkness they have brought upon themselves.
I am Atmos from Sirius, and have come not to paint a picture of gloom, but it is important for those ascending to understand why some souls are unable to join them. Clearly those that are ready cannot be held back any longer, and must be allowed to find the level that their energies entitle them to be in. It is the Laws of the Universe that determine where every soul is to be found, but they can move lower if it is their desire. However, none can move beyond their correct level, except that  a Higher Being accompanies them. This sometimes takes place in the interests of allowing knowledge of the higher dimensions, and possibly to meet some of the great souls that reside in them.
Remember that life on Earth is an illusory state of being, and in very few ways representative of what it is like off Earth and in the dimensions above it. Unless you have visited them as some do when out of the body, it is very difficult for you to comprehend what they are really like. Linear time is also peculiar to Earth and once away from it ceases to be relevant. That all should be in the Now will take some while to grasp and understand, and require a major change to your thinking. The energy of Love pervades All That Is and will also impinge upon you very strongly, and is what we bring to you now in recognition of you our beloved Brothers and Sisters.
Thank you Atmos.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa  09-February-2009
Rest easier as your day-to-day news will reveal a new trend in your affairs, as you realize that the secrecy that shrouded the past is being revealed. The truth is beginning to come into the public arena, and will not be denied a hearing. Your media is still largely controlled, but you shall see the pressure of bowing to public demand for information will break the silence. These are times when it is becoming impossible for certain covert actions to be concealed much longer. The tragedy of 9/11 with the resultant death of thousands, is near to being brought into focus and calls for a new independent enquiry will ultimately succeed. Truth is the word for the period you are entering, and it carries the energy of disclosure that will be like the proverbial rolling stone once it starts moving.
It is important that you know what has been done in your name, not for the purpose of retribution but to reveal the manner in which you gave your freedom away. It is true that you have been mind controlled, and fed exactly what the dark forces needed to keep you in a state of semi-consciousness. However, it has been something you have been led into but with many opportunities to break out. The paradigm created served to keep you under their control, as you accepted their doctrine making you into second-class citizens. Once you understand how you have been deceived on countless occasions, those experiences can be cleared from your memory bank. You are then able to see your potential growth free from the dark influences. Ascension becomes a process that you can assimilate into your being, as you can now see that you are worthy of such an opportunity.
The lives of most of you have been spent in an illusory period of time, that has served to show you the depths to which Man has fallen. However, it has spurred you onwards seeking a new path that has returned many to the Light. It has been recognized that without raising a finger against those who have mislead you, and you can create a vision of what could be when all is desired for the good of all. It has attracted the necessary energies to you that are now leading you out of the darkness into the Light. It is a separation that will determine which souls are sufficiently motivated and prepared to move on. It is not that any soul has suddenly lost their chance to awaken to the truth, but times are passing by exceedingly fast and Ascension is upon you.
We cannot sufficiently emphasize what a great time it is to be on Earth. It is the pinnacle of your experiences that offers a way out of this present cycle. Not just something vastly different to what you have been used to, but a great leap forward into the realms of Light. Everything you could possibly have wished for awaits you, and the difference is like comparing Heaven to Hell. Hell is not an actual place, but in the lower realms which you are in, it can seem like it at times. Of course there are levels somewhat below yours that could quite rightly described as a living hell, and no God condemns you to such conditions as they are of your own making. Neither is Heaven quite as you are generally led to believe, but it is composed of the most glorious Light with beauty in abundance, and harmony that fills the realms with joy.
We of the Galactic Federation are civilizations that have long resided in the higher dimensions, each with a home planet that is unique to us, but is our personal heaven. Since space travel or inter dimensional travel are our mode of travel, we can visit our homes quite frequently. However, the large Mother Ships that are used for exploration are as you might say, “home to home”. They contain conditions that replicate those of our home planet, and we are more than happy to remain on them for many years at the time. Everything we need is provided for us on our expeditions, that are often into deep space and all of our collected data is stored in our massive computers, and available to all other members.
There is no element of greed or envy at our levels of being, as we share for the benefit of all and that will apply to you as you take your place with us. Once you do so, life will become very different to what you have been used to, thankfully for all of the best reasons. You will become independent and self motivated with the opportunity of fulfilling your every dream. However many will choose to work for one of the various councils or federations that serve this Universe. That will call upon the great levels of experience you have acquired in duality. There are still some levels elsewhere similar to your Earth, and of course those dear souls who are not ready to ascend who will all need help. They will continue in another cycle as they too work towards yet another opportunity to ascend. Service of this nature is most rewarding and gives us great pleasure and satisfaction.
We are getting nearer to the days that will herald the announcements that will be a prelude to our coming to Earth. It will be a most exciting time for all of us, and be the culmination of thousands of years of watching over you. We are the same ones that go back hundreds of years, as our life span far exceeds yours. So we know much more about you and your history than you may imagine. The part we have played in it is much greater than your records show, and it has been as your guardians and watchers. It is in this current period that quite a number of members from our different civilizations have incarnated on Earth. It has been to help speed up your evolution, and give us a direct link with you through our allies.
What lies ahead for you is a vast panorama of opportunities to spread your wings, and truly become the Master’s of the Cosmos. You have been undermined by your dark adversaries and veiled from your true selves, and often feel lonely and isolated from the happiness and freedom you should be enjoying. You have been encouraged to think of yourself as worthless, and sinners by a number of orthodox religions. Dear Ones, it is time to claim back your rights and express the Love and Light that is the real you. Let no one put you down again, as you are gods in the making of the family of God.
I am SaLuSa and hope you are inspired by my words, because you will find that they have the ring of truth, Trust your intuition and let the Light be your guide, and you will find you pathway to Ascension.
Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.


*******   SaLuSa  23-January-2009 *******************

Mike Quinsey
Life has turned a corner for many who now see that Humanity has moved into the direction of peace and freedom. Suddenly where there was a lack of hope a new energy has embraced people, and opened their eyes to an opportunity for change. The visions that they have held of a new direction leading to world peace, have arrived with the authority and spiritual motivation of President Obama. Now you will see and experience joyful events that shall signal a clear change from the policies of earlier decades, ones of wanton abuse and misappropriation of the people and their contribution to their country.
There will of course be those who still try to hold onto the old energies of disruption and destruction, but their days are numbered. A new path to a glorious era of friendship and cooperation will soon commence. The frustration and pent up energies that have been unable to be expressed, are about to be released in a massive show of support for all of those that wish to actively participate. Hidden or even forbidden talents are surfacing to be part of great parade, of those who know their place is at the forefront of what is occurring. Never has there been such an opportunity for those who have felt oppressed, to throw off their yolks of imprisonment thrust upon them by the dark forces. So much has been hidden from you that would have been so beneficial, and prevented the collapse of your civilization. Now it can be slowly released and quickly help lift you up into the New Age.
We of the Galactic Federation will also immensely add to your advancement, by introducing you to some of our advanced technologies. Not only will they release you from the difficulties you are facing, but cover those lost years where you have been denied them. At different periods in the past we have approached the major powers, with our offer to give you knowledge of our technologies so as to speed up your evolution, but they have been turned down. This time there will be no such problem, and we will demonstrate our peaceful intentions and help for your civilization, knowing that it will be received and used in the correct manner.
It would be easy to brush aside the threat that has faced you and Mother Earth for eons of time, however it must be stated that forces of darkness had plans to take over you and your world. Now you can rest easy and overcome any feeling of fear, as your future is assured and by divine decree you will complete the process of Ascension. What better news could you receive when outwardly your world is in a state of chaos. It is but a necessary lesson to all those involved that the old ways are a failure, and it has to be seen to be believed. The impulse is to go back to what they know, but it will not work and those who are here to build bridges will direct the energies into the new ways and methods. These will serve everyone fairly and far better than previously.
Because you are in the thick of everything that is happening it is difficult to see the way forward, but we are here initially to help with guidance through our many allies on Earth. There will then quickly come a period of expansion coupled with our coming to Earth, and it will accelerate the completion of your work with wonderful achievements. What has been lacking will be catered for to ensure you all have the right quality of life, and are relieved of the burden of working as a slave to money to support your life. Time is something you have had too little to spare for your hobbies or pastimes, and your enlightenment as to the purpose of life. You must be free to follow your spiritual search for knowledge, and not have to rely on others for your understanding. In that respect we set before you our beliefs for your discernment and intuitive assessment. There is no forcing of our opinions on to you, but as your mentors you may like to consider carefully what we tell you.
Bearing in mind that you have descended from the higher realms into this lower dimension, you have all knowledge within. So it is within your power to “feel” what is right and resonates with you. Be your own guide even though you have many dear souls accompanying you on your journey, and know that they answer your questions when you allow them near. It is the order of the Universe that requires of ascended souls, that they administer to those following in their footsteps. You may feel very lonely at times but your Guides and Angelic Beings are always linked with you in thought. Have you ever wondered how “miracles” seem to happen when you are near to what you call “deaths door”, and how you have miraculous escapes from seemingly impossible situations?  Search “near death experiences” and you will find that many souls have been aware of the Angelic presence at such times.
Dear Ones, we come to you for many reasons, and we desire to bring you up to the higher levels of consciousness. This is necessary, as part of your preparations for Ascension, and much will put into such endeavors following our arrival on Earth. It will not be as your schooling days, and our approach will be one of giving you the truth as a joyful and wonderful experience. History will be re-written as it should be, with all of the accompaniments that our holographic technology can provide. If you need to you will experience events as they happened, and you will know the truth beyond doubt. More importantly will be your understanding of Ascension, and in that respect we are well experienced to advise you having been through it many times. Yours is to be truly unique with ascension taking place with your new physical body, as your existing one is unsuitable for you in the higher vibratory rate, and would simply disintegrate.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius and delight in passing on messages, and my link with you is that I should help your understanding of our part in your upliftment. Matters can now be more freely discussed with you, and our presence in your skies can be more deliberate and planned to emphasize our peaceful and friendly approach. All we need now is the official seal of approval from your government, and we can arrange specific flyovers so that you can be prepared for them. Until then we observe you and follow the activities of the dark ones, as we are your protectors and guides for Ascension. All we do is on a level where our actions and thoughts are shrouded in the energies of Love and Light. We come not to deceive or mislead you, but help you find your true spiritual path that is uplifting you into the Light.


Mike Quinsey

SaLuSa  26-January-2009
Events are leading towards the changes that you have sought. Some will address your material needs, whilst others will make the way for the spiritual expression of Mankind. You have for long been in bondage in many ways,  and have been led to believe that God is outside of you. The truth that your teachers have tried to convey to you is that God is within, and is not illusive or unapproachable. After all, since you are sparks of God it also follows that you too are gods in your own right. You cannot therefore ever be separated from God, although many feel that way. As you become more aware of the truth of your real self, so you will release those concepts that have held you back. You will be freed from limitation and realize that your progress towards Ascension lies largely with yourself. In reality no one else can achieve it for you, and it is your intent and actions that will carry you forward.
Whatever else happens Ascension is the goal of Mankind, but at the same time cleansing the Earth is also to be part of your experiences. This comes from the fact that the Earth is moving towards Ascension with you, and also needs to be in readiness for such an opportunity to leave this dimension. Bear in mind that all that is has a consciousness, and responds to outer influences and is always on the move. It may not be perceptible to you that nothing ever stands still, and that all is energy and in a constant state of flux. Clearly not all energies around you are beneficial, and some can adversely affect your health. Your cities are no place for those of ill health, and it is why you recover and feel more rested when you get away into the countryside. Some radiation is so potent that it is utterly debilitating and destructive. Whether in the workplace or home, you have to careful not to expose yourselves too long to any appliance that emits harmful rays.
In the future you will change over to appliances or machines that have completely safe energies. Generally speaking all motive power will come from the free energy that is all around you. Your governments have been aware of it and its applications for many years, and some have adapted it for their covert operations. The ancients were also aware of free energy, but were not sufficiently advanced to apply it to the extent that you will be able to do very soon. We simply await the time when we can safely contact you, and introduce many new concepts that will ease your daily tasks and provide a better quality of life. Speed and efficiency will make more time available to you, and that applies to land, sea and air. These changes are all part of the plan to uplift Mankind, and they will take place with extensive help from us.
At present the material changes must seem a long way off to you, yet in reality all is ready to proceed at a minutes notice. You must give your new administration time to settle in, and for the legal processes to make the changes lawful. Then we shall approach President Obama with a view to receiving approval for our first official flyover. That will be the start of a new era for Mankind and affect the whole world, as every country can benefit from the advice and new technologies we have to offer you. Health is a big issue everywhere, and we shall help you eradicate all forms of pollution and disease making toxins in your food, water and air. We will also introduce you to advanced forms of healing that are on many occasions instantaneous.
Dear Ones, what is a short wait now compared to what you have been through, bearing in mind how much benefit you will gain from our coming together. We come because it is part of our responsibility to you, as ones who have had a hand in your evolution for many thousands of years. We are here now by divine decree, to ensure the cycle of duality is completed with the advent of Ascension. Your consciousness levels are rapidly approaching the point of upliftment, and when they reach critical mass there will be a going through into the higher dimensions.
By giving you hope and reason to look to the future, in the coming months we expect more of you to find your way to the higher understanding. We are what you are to become, Cosmic Beings who have ascended and have the freedom to travel throughout the vastness of your great Universe. You are already members of the Galactic Federation, and may wish to serve others through our organization. There are also other Councils and Federations like ours dedicated to doing the work of the Creator, and opportunities abound to follow your hearts desire.
In linear time you play the waiting game because you cannot see the future as we do. Many times we have told you that the battle with the dark forces has been won, but until you see it fully played out on Earth you will not know for certain. All you need to do now is to keep your focus on your future vision, and thereby ensure that it manifests according to the Law of Attraction. There is to be no wavering of your Will at this stage, and no distraction regardless of the last gasps of the Illuminati who refuse to go gracefully. Like all despots they have a narrow focus that cares little for any one else except themselves.
It is worth reminding you that you are not here on Earth by chance, and each of you knew what it would entail. At the very least it was to add to your experiences and make progress along your evolutionary path. At best it was to complete your time in duality and move on to Ascension. Either way you will have gained much that can be applied in the future. When you leave Earth you will fully understand what you planned to do, and whether you fulfilled your life plan. Failure is not a word that is used, as all experience is of value and if necessary you can pass the same way again. You have all Infinity in which to experience as you wish, but your motive will be for your ongoing journey that will eventually lead you back to your source.
I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and note that in your experience time is speeding up more than ever. Take that as a sign of your ever-increasing levels of consciousness, and vibrations that are lifting up into the Light. They are doing so exponentially, and a sure indication of your success in attracting more light to Earth. I express my love to you all, and words to strengthen your resolve to  achieve the ultimate goal of Ascension.
Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey


Mike Quinsey


Uppermost in your minds should be the importance of the end times, and preparing yourselves for them. If you want to release from the links you have made with the lower vibrations, take away the strength they have to hold on to you. Think of them without giving away your energy, do so without negative emotions and become simply an outsider looking in at what is happening. For example, we know that so many of you are appalled at what is happening in the Middle East. You can react in a number of ways, and anger is not productive or going to make any difference. However, love and compassion for all those who are engaged in the war, will help dampen down the fire that is in the belly of both sides. Hatred can ignite uncontrollable passions, but love can be the salve that can quieten them down. Be what you would want them to be, one who thinks and acts peace and brings it into manifestation. It does not take too many of you to make a resounding difference, and bring a genuine break in the activities and can lead to a more permanent peace.

It is in many areas of the Middle East, where many centuries of friction and largely religious differences have fuelled the dark forces. The irony is that the same souls keep entering the affray, that continues from one generation to another and from one incarnation to another. Nothing changes until the futility of war is recognized, and instead hands are held out in friendship. Then and only then can peace be truly negotiated that will be lasting. There are no victors in wars as you will repeatedly come back to play out the scenario again, and yet again, if necessary. It is not karmic for everyone in the sense of needing another lesson to move you on, and many souls elect to be where the action is to help others through it.

Remember each and every one of you are exactly where you are meant to be, and it may pay you to think upon the reason why. Great thought is put into the Plan for Man by the Spiritual Hierarchies, who oversee your progress. Whatever happens on Earth there is always a balancing of energies, thus ensuring that the Light is never overwhelmed by the dark. It may take a long time as you understand it, but eventually it is the Light that makes its impact and imprint on Earth. You have all been given freewill but it does not extend to overriding the Plan of God, and no matter how many different paths you make for yourself Ascension will come at the end of this cycle in 2012. The opportunity to leave duality is open to everyone, and acceptance lies with you alone. God’s love is all encompassing and not one single soul will be bypassed or overlooked, as each cycle offers each of you an escape path to a higher reality.

You have all passed this way before, and most of you have had lives in the long history of Atlantis. Often history repeats itself, but it is the opportunity it gives you to make more spiritual progress than previously. Man does not appear to learn very quickly, which is why he needs support through each lifetime. You always have a plan and undertake certain objectives for your spiritual evolution. Therefore those higher souls who accompany you know what it is, and do their best to help you achieve them. We of the Galactic
Federation are also members of the groups that assist you, but our attention is more directed at you as a civilization rather than individuals. Your history when known by you will show that we have never been far away from you. Our visitations to Earth have been recorded many times, but the accounts have been largely misinterpreted.

Dear Ones, you are approaching a milestone in this cycle, and it is running down to make space for the higher energies. As a collective consciousness you are helping each other to rise up, and it is inspired by your desires to finish with duality. Indeed, it does not have much more to teach you, and it is appropriate that there are only a few years left before the cycle closes. Many of you tire of the continual battles, and have raised your vibrations and seek a higher expression of yourselves. Inasmuch as you are beginning to feel uncomfortable in the lower earthly vibrations, so those at the opposite end of the scale are also feeling uneasy in having to deal with the higher energies. Clearly the time is approaching when you all need to move on, into levels that align with your present levels of consciousness.

Our opinion of your present situation on Earth is that you are about to take off, and see a whole series of changes commencing. Ones that are necessary to create a new path forward, that will enable the old ways to be consigned to history for once and for all. We are so keen to get started as a precursor to First Contact, and we are already establishing stronger links with those who are resonating with our energies. There is much to be sorted out, and for that we look to you to do your part to clear the way for us. There are earthly matters that you are quite capable of handling, and it will be more to your credit if you can be successful without our full intervention. Nevertheless we would not want matters to drift along, and you are called into action without delay.

Disclosure of our presence and place in your lives in modern times is drawing nearer. That will overcome the last bastions of denial of our existence, and is clearly important to the acceptance of open contact. Your governments on a worldwide basis have chosen to consort together, to keep proof of our contact with you hidden. What we want to see is the bigger powers such as the U.S. come clean about us, although that will result in some very awkward questions being asked of them about the cover-up. However, once the truth comes out those with stories to tell will feel free to step forward. Then there will be an avalanche of experiences brought to your attention that will uncover the facts. It will trigger all kind of reactions against those who have concealed the truth about us from you. We simply ask that you support us and become part of the peace movements that will assist us reach out to people everywhere.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and hope you can feel our loving desire to join you. We wish to speedily move you on, and create the pathway to Ascension and all it entails. Be of good heart and strength and live within your Love and Light.



In cooperation with a brother of a distant star system, one who resides on a starship of the armada in orbit about our planet, I transcribed this message. Today is December 16th; this is my 28th posting to Mark’s Corner. I strongly suggest you read my earlier postings, preferably in chronological order (see the procedure at the end of this message). Today I welcome back Bren-Ton from the Andromedan star system. He has been an observer of our planet for a very long time.

Greeting to all. As others and I have said, Earth is returning to her pristine state. The harm done to her by humans and by the agents of the dark energy over the millenniums is being reversed; this includes population, environment, resources, and correcting other things. This is not a quick process; it will take some time. Once Earth is in her former state, she will move into a higher frequency to assume that which was determined from the beginning as her rightful place in the galaxy. And she will shine like no other orb with a beauty unique to her.

Those who choose to remain on the planet during this interim time will experience many wondrous changes. From the perspective of the humans on Earth’s surface, you will first see the bifurcation of those who wish to stay and those who wish to go. This in itself will not be an easy process. Many loved ones will choose to leave; the reduced numbers of those who stay will have much with which to cope. No, the planet will not be littered with millions of dead bodies. As part of cleansing the environment, those of us from other planets will deal with the bodies of those who choose to depart – we are the clean up crew.

The early part of our mission here was to provide beneficial energies to heal the soul of Earth. Another part of our job is to cleanse her physically, in a 3rd dimensional sense if you will. This has been done with other planets. I was there when Supsten of the Altairian star system was moved to the light. I witnessed Justine and Moraine as they chose to stay and be part of their revitalized planet. They have many stories to share of those times. My story is of one who was part of the clean-up crew for their planet.

My civilization has technologies to clean the water, land and air of your planet. When there is no danger to anyone from the agents of the dark energy and their misguided human allies, we will begin that process. In my experience this will not happen until the great choosing has taken place, although it may be different with Earth.

As the population of the planet is reduced, we will be very careful to nurture those who have chosen to remain here as Earth’s caretakers. In addition to helping them get organized on the their new level playing field, we will start the cleansing process. Using giant energy scoops, we will process both air and water, being careful to handle the birds and fish so as to preserve as many as possible. I am sure they will enjoy their cleaned environment.

The land is a more difficult operation and one that takes longer. Using energy techniques, we will, one by one, heal the scars left by mining and by drilling. That is not to say that they all will disappear, some will be left as reminders for those humans who remain. After the major scars are removed and renovated, we will undertake an acceleration of plant life so that the deserts may once again bloom, the forests re-grow, and the planet’s great plains become fertile blankets.

Earth shifts will occur due to righting the planet to her proper axis of rotation, and the removal of the moon. So you see, there will be dramatic earth changes, as you like to call them, along with environmental corrections. This may help to explain other messages you have been receiving about weather and other extreme conditions.

The time of transition for the humans of Earth will be one of uncertainty. There are several things that will help you through this period. First knowing that you are not the only ones to have experienced such a transition to the light. Second that you have an extraordinary amount of assistance from those of us who have transitioned before. Third, that God and the celestials will be at your side to nurture you along the way. Fourth, the planet and her people will not fail to achieve the light. The end result will be a glorious new world for Earth and her human population.

There are several phases of the transition: First a removal of the agents of the dark energy. Second a return of Earth to her pristine condition. Third, acceleration of Earth and her people to the higher density. Each of these phases will take some time, as the situation is most complex. When I say some time, I mean several years. And yes, Mark, you will see this transition take place, although you may not be around for the full transformation to light.

The most dramatic and immediate, as far as you humans who currently occupy Earth are concerned, will be the removal of the agents of the dark energy and the void this will leave in institutions such as the economy, government, and religion. Disruptions in all critical services will occur as these agents of the dark energy, and their clones and adherents, are removed from their positions of power.

The second most dramatic will be returning Earth to her pristine state, and all that accompanies that. These two parts of the transition will be result in a fair amount of chaos. Here it will be most important to have others upon which you can rely, and have a close connection to God.

Broadcasting of these messages will be interrupted, as all electronic communication will be severed. You will communicate without the Internet. Critical services such as electricity and natural gas, food, and water will be interrupted. Transportation will come to a halt. All of this will come to pass in the near future. Think of what you can do to provide for these, as well as a heated shelter.

Many will blame these problems on us, your brothers and sisters. Despite this, we will assist humans to survive, and then prosper. We will assist you to reorganize without the influence of the dark agents. This in itself will be a major undertaking. How many of you have the stomach for living through all I have just described?

I am guessing not many. Most people will say that they wish to come back when the messy work is done. However, we cannot have everyone opt out. We must have a few upon which the new civilization of light will be built. Who among those reading my words will sign up?

I leave you now with a blessing to our brothers and sisters of Earth from your brothers and sisters of distant star systems. We will communicate again soon.


The following paragraphs summarize the messages that Mark Kimmel has uncovered during his research. He has distilled these messages from communications from extraterrestrials, communications from contactees, and observations of extraterrestrials and extraterrestrial craft.

Quasi-physical: Extraterrestrials have technology that allows them to shift from quasi-physical reality, dematerialize and rematrerialize. Thousands of pilots, military men and women, government witnesses, and civilians have seen extraterrestrial spacecraft materialize and disappear. Existing in the non-physical or quasi-physical enables extraterrestrial craft to travel faster than the speed of light. Extraterrestrials purposefully shift into our physical realm to enable us to see them, or to communicate with us.

Mind-to-mind: Extraterrestrials are able to communicate mind-to-mind. In many cases their communications are of images or concepts; in some instances they communicate using precise words. By communicating in this way they bypass spoken words. Highly developed forms of this type of communications enable them to dispense with radio signals based on the electromagnetic spectrum. This enables them to communicate over the vast distances of space faster than light speed.

Ancestors: The messages from extraterrestrials reconfirm non-biased research into our origins. Life was brought to this planet first by life carriers who implanted the ancient seas with the first life forms. After millions of years, Earth had become a lush paradise with diverse non-sentient life forms.

The Starseed project was initiated by a group of extraterrestrials who wished to combine their somewhat different races into a single harmonized race -- this had not been done before. They brought representatives of their various races to this world.


To open the Chakras, there is a few powerfull techniques that have been lost even by those who teach this subject in our days. You will not find these techniques in the actual methods available. These are very ancient techniques that goes back to the Age of Light before our Age. These techniques were inspired teachings that I received and put into practice and I can personaly confirm you that they really work. I have opened my chakras in many long periods of my life. But one must continue to use the technique to keep them open as well. ( When I visited a Tibetan temple and was listening to the meditation techniques instructions of the monk I was quite astounded to learn that Tibetans use many of the same key techniques that I had discovered by spiritual intuition and inspiration )

This is the Ancient Tantric Chakras opening technique step by step:

1) Take a very long in breath:
You can achieve this by closing down the channel of air to a very tiny narrow passage so you can even hear the sound of the air being compressed. Visualize a Pillar of Light in your spine and the Light energy coming down from the Higher Dimensions and through your Crown chakra down to your Ara chakra in your belly and gathering there. Receive this energy with reverence. Do visualize your body as a sacred Temple where this sacred energy will be received with gratitude for the ascension of your spirit on your spiritual path toward the Light. Look up through your crown chakras to see the Light energy coming from the Higher spheres.

2) Hold the breath for as long periods of time you can :
( proceed by steps by lengthening the holding of the breath period progressively )

3) While you are holding the breath, visualize your Ara chakra as a bright sun,
and than visualize another smaller sun cyclically rotating in orbit around that sun chakras you are concentrating upon. At this stage now bring the focus of your gaze down toward your Ara chakra, it is important that your eye focus concentrate on the chakra you want to open. I suggest you do the rotation motion on the vertical axis. ( This cyclic rotation of energy is the most important aspect of the technique with the holding of the breath and are the lost elements that are absent in most contemporary teachings available )

4) Exhale normally.

5) Wait a few second before In breathing again to start a new cycle.

Every time the rotating orbiting sun will pass in front of your body, it will energized and contribute in the opening of your chakra. It will be like an energetic pulse that beats and get stronger every time it pass in front of the chakra.

You are now doing Tantric Yoga...
welcome on the sacred path of the Initiates.

( I suggest starting with the ARA chakras.
Once a chakras start opening, you will experience an energy of Bliss, Joy, Extasy, Love and Light. You will know Blessings beyond words. After you have opened a first chakras continue concentrating on this one for a period to establish the Prana energy in you. After one chakra is open you can link it to the next chakra, like the solar plexus one and create a bridge of energy between the 2 chakras and transfer the prana energy of the opened one to the one you want to open. Once a first chakra has opened it is much easier to open the others, the heart, solar plexus, third eye, crown chakra.

When you begin working with this technique, go progressively. Start holding the breath progressively longer, and you can even take many normal breath in between cycles to stay comfortable, but always come back to the holding the breath, your courage, concentration and dedication will reward you with an access to a whole new dimension of existence that you can access only through these extatic bliss states.

You will soon see for yourself that you will start to relax very deeply in the breath holding period, and it will even become soon a very enjoyable & blissfull feeling. The longer you hold, especially in the last moments where you will have to put your will, energy determination and focus to contribution to remain in this state, these moments are the most important and the most powerfull to awaken the sacred Prana energy that opens the Chakras.




One can create a protective and energy enhancing field around oneself when meditating by using a STUPA shape visualization of light energies around one self. See this energy field around you, slowly in motion, rotating. This energy field both enhance and transform the energy of the meditator and at the same time protects the meditator from outside energies and disturbances. (The stupa is a shape that resemble a bell but with the top point elongated high above like the tip of a conical sphere.)

The stupa is the shape of many ancient Hindu and Boudhist temples, it is also represented around the bodies of enlightened beings and Bouddhas. They were using it themselves. I believe they knew a few things about it's great power.

Once this protection energy field is achieved with satisfaction, the stupa meditation visualization can then be oriented toward it's internal dimension, oriented toward the meditator and used to amplify the spiritual energy field of the meditator.

One of the ways to activate the dynamic power of the Stupa, is to visualize a beam of light tunnel centered in your spine. Now visualize an extension from this central tunnel of light in your spine that is scanning going around the whole inside of the Stupa like a radar beam does on the screen. This dynamic rotation scanning technique is very powerfull. Every time this rotative scanning pass in front of the chackras, it will stimulate powerfully the opening of the chackras. You will eventually fell and see the light of the prana energy arise within the orbs of you chackras, and eventually experience the extasy, bliss, grace and sacred communion with God through the infinite blessings of this sacred energy.

For the INTENT part of the experiment, project your intent of achieving and merging with the ascension process within the central channel of light within your spine, going from your bottom chakras to your crown chakras and about a feet over your head like if you have an extension of your energy field that is a stupa crown on your head.

Then continue your ascension upward and send your intent thought and energy to all the higher dimensions of the universe where they will be transmuted into potentiality through the communication opening that is at the highest tip point of the stupa of light that surrounds your whole body.

Visualize now that this Stupa of Light now englobes all the Planet Earth.
You are inside the sphere of the Planet with the North Pole as your crowns Chakras and the South Pole your Chakra at the base of your spine. Visualize all your seven chakras and the Beam of Light in your spine that Unites the North & South Poles. Your Chakras are at the same time the Chakras of the earth, so the spiritual work you do on yourself contributes at the same time to the healing of the Sacred Planetary Goddess.

The Light of God comes down from the Heavens through the Beam of Light at the Top of the Planetary Stupa. It fills all your Chakras from top to bottom.

See yourself in a universe that have achieved complete healing and realization of your intent of ascension and energy transformation, be fully One with this Light and Bliss, breathe it like it is already. The new Age of the sacred Light is upon us, breath it and let it fill you with it's healing grace and bliss, become it, in oneness with all the sacred World of Light.

See that you are now in the Uncreated Sphere of the Primordial Light where eternal Bliss and Potentiality form a sacred dance of Creative Joy. You are in the sacred World of Light of Prime Creator... All around you shines the Luminous Sphere of the Source Universe. You have been reborn in the Source infinite radiance. You have found refuge in the Primordial Light of Love and Bliss of the One.

Blessings to all
May the Great Spirit sun shine in our hearts



God did not create the Universe by a creative explosion outside of his Realm of Light.
God created us and the Universe, by IMPLOSION inside himself...
This is why the Ancients considered that everyhing is sacred...
Because everything exist inside the tought and being of God.

We are existing at all time inside the sacred World of Light.

Blessings to all



An abbot in Tibet was describing to us, a mode of prayer that's based in feeling.
He said: We must feel the feeling as if the prayer has already been answered...
And in that feeling we are speaking to the forces of creation allowing the world to respond to us. Allowing this field, the quantum hologram, the mind of God, to respond to us
with what it is that we are feeling within our hearts.

So, rather than praying and feeling powerless in a given situation
- Dear God, please let there be peace in the world -
this mode of prayer invites us to feel as if we are participating and CO-CREATORS in that healing and peace.

Astraelia,The experiences you have been through and the energy that keeps you radiates from your page. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to share with us so much of what has been shared with you. I was thoroughly touched.
'Namaste'   *bowing*
From I AM LIGHT -St-Clair zone-

Hi Astraelia,
Thank you for this exceptional information. You certainly were given a wondrous task and have been rewarded tenfold. I hope that those magnificent crystals energies will be used to help Mother Earth during her transformation. I went to your website and was filled with Earth love. I enjoyed the slides immensely, and feel a special connect to shaman lore. I consider myself a mini shaman as I do take care of Mother Earth and our wildlife where I live. I will go back and read the articles on your website as well, for it appeared very informative at what I was able to peruse.

Eleanor St-Clair zone

Hello Astraelia,
It is a magically beautiful place you discovered with unusual and unique quartz formations! I looked at all the photos on your website and the place is really very fairytale like.
It is very noble and spiritual of you to dedicate one of the special rose quartz obelisks to Adrian!   You are actually quite an unusual and unique man yourself!
from Ultimate reality forum

Thank you so much for sharing this ..Beautifull...full of beauty..amazing life experience you have had..blessings to you and your guides..
The world is full of beauty..for those who has eyes to see... the sounds of nature telling us ...what we were meant to be.
Love ..Beauty..Peace..Harmony. Very nice webside ..a rare pearl
Uffe / Denmark (St-Clair radiant zone forum)

I've just read what you wrote "Introduction to the existence of celestial civilizations", it is really, really good. Thanks for sharing this information with all.
Mauricio Figueroa

I am deeply grateful I've found your site, thank you for the information of great importance you are posting! I live in Ottawa and the information you posted put me in a state of awe.  

It took me a long time to read your whole site.
I'm very impressed by your spirituality and knowledge of all that is going on.
I wish I could personally meet you.

Your report on our friends family and Angels around our planet pushing of planet x was such good news.
I still have dreams of massive waves hitting this country and worry for my family. My visions and dreams have terrified me from childhood. I am 55 now and I am free to do God's will.
I have been looking for fellow members of the sons of light and I have discerned your spirit to be true.
I would like to extend my hand of friendship to you and your family. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Lopez / Florida

Hello Astraelia, Thank you for sharing more of your wonderful masterworks poem creations with us, you shine when you write.

Thank you so much Astraelia for the AGARTHA SACRED SITE link, what a beautiful sacred tree, I also love seeing people standing, leaning or hugging them! I am so blessed in so many ways, and you are such a blessing for all of us, thank you for sharing here, your love and wisdom is so greatly appreciated. Love you dearly,
Eagle from -Portal Of Light-


Aloha Astraelia!             August 28 2011

What a welcome surprise to stumble upon your website, filled with an enormous amount of enlightening and inspirational information. The messages on your website resonated with me deeply, along with the path leading you to Project Camelot which was quite similar to mine. And like yourself I also resonated with the work of Alaje, so it was a real joy to find your website after viewing the "Opening to Agartha" video. Which I had also seen a year ago, or so and instantly intuited what it was. 

It sounds like throughout your life you've had an amazing journey as a contactee developing relationships within the Galactic Federation; and while also learning how to guide others towards the path of ascension. I also know what its like to be alone in my reality, in my beliefs, but at the same time having much support online from many others on a similar path towards awakening. Even here on the big island of Hawaii it can be hard to find people who haven't broken away from the "service to self" mentality, they are here...it's just been difficult for me to find and connect with them since leaving Los Angeles in March of 2010.

But looking back, the main reason for coming here was to reconnect with our Mother Earth in this time of great upheaval and change. My work as a starseed is mostly online where I'm reaching  over 3000 ppl a day who are on the path towards awakening. If you get a chance drop in for a visit at www.ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com

Once again thank you for your amazing website and loving energy! Keep up the great work...we need more souls like yours down here working for the benefit of humanity!

Much love, In La'Kech
aka AscendingStarseed


Dear Astraelia,

I stumbled upon your page after reading a UFO report of yours on the MUFON website. Your sighting intrigued me, and I followed the link to your website. To say that the story of your discovery of the Matawini Sacred Site touched me deeply would be an understatement. It proves that humans can accomplish far more than ever expected with the right spiritual “tuning.” I, too, have always felt unique and, as a child, I spoke quite freely about who I claimed were my extraterrestrial parents, sincerely believing that they would return for me eventually. Clearly, I was too young for my words and thoughts to have been influenced by television or film. Looking back to childhood, I recall understanding complex emotions and knowing information that I could not have possibly known without a connection to some metaphysical realm. I would like very much to be contacted by a group of Pleiadians or perhaps even reunited with the family of whom I spoke as a child! We have so much to learn and they have so much to teach us.

Your story inspired me -- it showed me that even in this frightening age, the human spirit can triumph and advance in ways unimaginable to most. Thank you!   In peace and light,

It all appears to be coming together and moving along very nicely; most encouraging,   I feel like I am witness to something altogether profound and of immense importance... The story behind all this "boggles the mind" - an interplanetary Sacred Site located right here in Canada as important and significant as any in the world! 
John Townsend

"Beautiful web site!
The energy of love and understanding flows through!
Thank you."

Dear Astraelia,
Thank you very much indeed for your wonderful accounts and pictures which I have just finished reading. I was pleasantly surprised to see Credo Mutwa mentioned - a great and incredibly wise man with many ET encounters.

The Transition will be Glorious, but only for those that make it - there is still much to be done in the few short years remaining. I will be doing my part as I know all here will do there's as you are doing yours in such a wonderful way.

Please do keep us informed as to your further experiences - and of course keep contributing here - you are most welcome.

In Love and Light,
Ultimate Reality.com

I must tell you that your choice of connection to the sacred is by far the most authentic -direct connection-
I certainly ever experienced "Light, Sound".  I plan to continue tantric work combined with light and sound and be at peace in the knowing that "My God is a loving god of compassion and tremendous patience" or we wouldn't have even made it this far on the journey.  I do find myself continuing to try to re-create the path of divine connect experience that you taught me during my visit. to the Matawini Sacred Site !!  The tantric work is certainly not understood by many but is very powerful indeed  Love and Light--my admiration continues with great respect for your path work and choice as it certainly has been a life changing experience for me. 
Carolyn Dresbach

Kim Elkington
December 5, 2010 at 5:55am

How beautiful the site is Astraelia - I was very drawn to the blue quartz and and the beautiful orbs and the butterfly orb, the pyramidal dolmen and the obelisk…. it is so alive! and thank you for the radar shots. Those were very strong days for me, also felt empowered at the same time. Still do. It was a time of marked change and drawn to Lemurian /Telos teachings right now and at that time... again, merci for your dedication - the 7th day is going to be wonderful <<qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq♥>>>

5 dec 2010
Dear Kim

Everytime we have met at Maniwaki was a moment of peace, grace and beauty. How wonderful life will be when we will be surrounded by beings walking like us on the sacred path of Light. Your words of appreciation where very welcomed and healing for me. They add a lot of meaning to this incredible quest I have been part of since this faithful meeting with the messenger of the World of Light, where everything started with this mystical spiritual initiation under the protective wings of the Blue Heron when I was 7. It is not easy in our lost world, to live with a secret of the magnitude and meaning of the one I have carried and protected all my life, and that have kept unfolding and becoming greater with every new discovery and celestial contact.

Your appreciation is making this weight become love, as it should. I pray in gratitude for this healing moment, hoping that after Ascension, this magnificent sacred site will become a place of transmission of spiritual knowledge between the Agartha Kingdom, the Celestrial star civilizations of the Light, and the Humans of the Light that will be the Gardians of Gaia, as I have been the gardian and protector of Matawini all my life.
An Embassy of the Light on Earth, where Humans will discover again what has been lost for a long time, how to live in harmony with Gaia, creative union and mystical extasy.

One of the greatest discovery in my life was probably discovering the existence of the Inner Earth civilization of Light, the Agartha Kingdom that have found refuge in the womb of Gaia, and that have built the sacred site of Matawini during the last Age of Light. They will come meet us, after the disclosure and the landings of the Galactic Federation. And they may come also from one of the many entrance to their world, that I have discovered at Matawini. It will be a wonderful moment. I will be there, with the Eagles, Falcons, Deer and white Crows of Matawini, to give them back the keys of the sacred site, in graceful exchange for their future guidance in giving us back access to the keys to the mysteries of our heart.

In the Love, Light and Bliss of Hope beyond Hope.



2011/12/10   Martin Rivard <martin@macpixels.com>

oui! 1000 Mercis Astraelia pour le magnifique site web!

1000 Mercis pour les fantastiques photos du site Agartha!

toutes les photos des différents sites sacrés sur cette montagne sont extraordinaires. 
une qui est particulièrement fascinante, c'est celle de la pierre triangulaire transmutée en quartz blanc (cristal flame obelisk), oh wow!

1000 Mercis aussi pour avoir si bien veillé sur le site, pendant si longtemps, pendant de nombreuses vies... 

ce site ancien semble avoir une signature énergétique similaire à celle du site Sedona en Arizona:


très intéressantes similitudes entre les 2 sites: 
les arbres tordus par les vortex énergétiques, les pierres cristallisées, les structures surhumaines coupées au laser, etc.

j'espère pouvoir trouver un jour le chemin vers votre montagne, en cas d'urgence planétaire... ou tout simplement pour faire l'expérience de la mystérieuse beauté du site.

alors oui, Astraelia! 1000 Mercis pour tout!


Your honor, dedication, and guidance are greatly appreciated :
We would like to extend a great many thanks for the condensed organization
of information contained within your site. Never before have we come across such a wealth of spiritual knowledge in one place, in public view. I would like to thank you for making such information available to those of us who look and listen. From: Grant Harvey, Pauline Boudreault, Ann Vickers - North Bay Ontario

Thank you for this wonderful information. I just listened to the 3 hours advice from the Pleiadians Teachings, and I would recommend this to anybody who are serious about their spiritual paths. Practical and helpful with focus on love, own judgment, the now and much more. Thanks for compiling this information. Never heard about spinning chackras energies until a few days ago. Will certainly work that into my routine.

With love
Lars from St-Clair zone

Hello Astrealia,
Thank you so much for your reply.

I'm 57, female, living in bombay / India.
I'm very honoured and thankful to you for sending me your pics and your text, which i liked so much.

I'm truly honoured  for giving me the previledge of being the first, to see your pics. Thank you, and your text is very interesting. Of course i believe in Ufos.. i call them my Star Brothers & Sisters.. they are highly evolved, and are here to help us. I'm eagerly awaiting 2012, so i can come face to face with them, and would love to visit their Star Ship, and communicate with them..

Do mail back sometime.
God Bless  

High Astraelia,
Thanks for sharing your site...
it is very profound and I will go through it with more time to really soak in the energy from your discoveries.

All the best to you from
Pedro Isztin

"Breathtaking and so humbling. "

I read about your UFO sighting last month.

I am so grateful to connect with you Astraelia!  I've been looking at your web site and am very impressed.  I'm familiar with much of what you share re: ascension, star visitors, disclosure, etc.  

I was not aware of Matawini - it is beautiful, powerful, and your story is inspiring. I would like to meet with you and am very appreciative of your invitation. I want you to know how much I've appreciated connecting with you and hope that we may meet in the not so distant future. The information you have disclosed has been very helpful for me and I thank you for that. I thank you for sharing your experience and truth for the world. I sense your light and power and wish you well on your journey
Let's please stay in touch.
Blessings and Light, In the Light,



Dearest Astraelia,

I feel such fondness for this seven year old child
with his little feet in the pond. Seeing the great Blue Heron hovering
above him with the radiance of the sun charging him full of the All
Knowingness that guides a divine odyssey in the cosmic plan. He is
immersed like a baptism into realization. He sees the cave and hears
telepathically that it is only for him to know so he speaks to his
brother as though nothing happened, although usually the two share all
adventures. Wise beyond seven, he knows he is the only one who can
undertake this strange journey unfolding into dimensions beyond his
known world.

He is not tempted either to divulge to his parents his many out of body astral experiences
when his soul went fusion with it's previous incarnation as the shaman of the Matawini Sacred Site,
holding a power stone with magnetic powers, which in the real world he doesn’t see.
Later he shares with his friends who can come to explore
but do not participate in the inner world that opened to him alone.
They go off and begin families and he begins   …another life, only
to be drawn back.

As he return for the first time after many years of absence to the Sacred Cave,
miraculous new insight reveals that he has been sorely
missed by the Devas and the Spirits of the Land. His compassion is
aroused   to give solace to the resident intelligent spirit energies
who longed for his return while they felt abandoned. Now the hand
print communion and the orb light anoint his healing mission. A
beautifull sacred light floods an area leading to the discovery of kundalini
Flames of Stone Obelisks. to keep the fire lighted through the
dark unseeing of so many others.

What was once a solitary vigil which he kept to himself wondering what
might be its alluring power, is now magnetically drawing all who have
a need to absorb these energizing powers from Gaiya to ground the
higher dimensional light in accelerated vibrations. He speaks now with
a fully activated voice to all who respond to the call. His Shamanic
bundle has accelerated energies with the added blessings of receiving
the embrace of love from the Fellowship of the Sacred Site who came visit from the USA,
with the inspired visit of Mark Kimmel of COSMIC PARADIGM and Bonny the psychic seer
who accompanied him, who have received an important message from the Celestrials
about the Matawini Sacred Site.

There are the many others who likewise embrace his mission
with a nurturing embrace of love grateful to his devotion to the unfolding plan
stirring the hearts of those who are designed to respond also to the plan.
Many are aware that this is a localized demonstration of the
power of the All that is always here to engage and fulfill our
invocations for assistance into the light. Many there are who need
proof to believe, for them this is a special blessing. Many who see
without proof, nevertheless are grateful to see the power materialized
so close to them.

Thanks so much for an overview into your unfolding mission,
Astraelia, from a little child to a mature Shaman secure in his
place of messenger and guardian for the Bringers of the Light
in all their dimensional abodes. I am privileged to have met you.
Very soon the Maniwaki connection of the great spiritual gathering
of the Indian Elder William Commanda will bathe you in another shower
of   connectivity and love.

in the light
of love and grace,
Emily Donelan
Nova Scotia, Canada

When the Power of Love overcome the Love of Power,
This world will know Peace.

Music is Magic,
Magic is Life,
God is in Music

Jimmi Hendrix
View informative movies that will enlighten you on many important subjects.
ascension 2012_astraelia


2012 D DAY OF LIBERATION OF EARTH by the Forces of Light


We are not alone in this Unverse, we never were, we never will...


SEED-VISION for Ascension

Happy New Age of Light !

from Astraelia
montreal Quebec

Hy everybody from the Cosmic Paradigm Canada Network

Who would have guess a few years ago we would be living this great shift of our civilization, waiting to reunite with our blessed Family of Light we have been cut off from since Eons ?

The most difficult, I find, is to be alone... and have almost nobody in our environment to communicate about all this. We are living in 2 worlds, 2 civilisations at the same time. I remember someone telling me: If you do not feel like an extraterrestrial on this planet at the moment, then you are not really aware! This is why this opportunity created by Mark Kimmel to create at least a virtual community is a golden medecine to help heal this loneliness and isolation.

Even in spiritual circles, with intelligent persons of vast culture, I must confess it is very difficult to try to convey a sense of the reality of the return of the Brotherhood of Light and the great preparations that are being made to liberate Earth from the Darkness that have spoiled this magnificent paradise.

I have reached the conclusion that it is amongst us, between already aware persons that our contribution can best bear some fruits. If we can give one another support and encouragement and DO the work together as a group, than we will have changed and improved something, and ourself. We will be stronger and more determined, more able to play the role each is able to play.

We are a new civilization on Earth. The civilization of those that knows and understand the extent of the manipulation and how it operates, those that understand the deep spiritual meaning and importance of the return of the Galactic Federation of Light in their mission of liberation of Earth from the dark contingent that invaded this pristine sacred paradise 550,000 years ago.

We are the path makers. The bridge holders, living links, linking the sacred world of Light with our dear Planet under the darkness. We are the life line between these worlds and know every little help we can contribute is highly appreciated by our brothers and sisters from the stars. We have a little time of relative calmness now before the first major events start the shifts of great magnitude. I tell myself it is NOW that we can invest our mind in meditation and spiritual work to raise our spiritual vibration, and focus on the seed-vision of the future we wish to bring to birth,  for in a short while when the turmoil, whatever it is begins, it will be a lot more difficult to concentrate and hold our mind in the light, focused on the new paradigm we want to see become reality, yet this is what is asked of us.

For those interested, I have put a PDF book in attachement -Becoming- by John Green who is a channel for the Pleyadians. They are a set of precious instructions so to say coming from the galactic federation nations about what is expected of us, the ground crew, the Light Workers during the ascension process that has begun. There are also explanations about the cosmic laws that are involved in this work of focusing our mind on an agreed upon purpose and seed-vision of our future of which we become conscious co-creators.

You can also find a compendium of updated information on the ascension process & messages from the Galactic Federation on my web site:  www.astraelia.piczo.com

May the Great Spirit sun shine in our hearts

visit the Matawini sacred site:


Namaste Astraelia,

I meditate twice a day, you can count me into one of these circles. What help would you need?

I have meditated with many groups of people but in my experience, rarely is there a clear intention at the beginning.

In the meantime, I have discovered George Green on the Camelot website, of which I've known for a while. In his interviews he's not optimistic about what's coming...

Going back to the books, I really like the emphasis on personal responsibility and global solutions. Makes one feel empowered. I'm looking forward to the information about groups, but I cannot rush the reading, their words require pondering and active thinking most of the time. Do they speak of groups of people within a community or people like us, in virtual contact?

What kind of ceremonies do you do at the Matawini site? Are they from a native american tradition? Indeed this Earthly paradise, Gaia, is most comforting, I'm happy for you, to have found this magical site.




Dear Cristina

It is most inspiring to exchange with you.

Most of the people who constitute the new civilization on earth, those that are preparing for the reunification with the family of Light and the Ascension, most of us in the spiritual / disclosure movement, are here on a mission and somehow we are not part of the same soul wave as the majority of the sleeping uninitiated population.

We are asked to do something for which only us have acquired the necessary understanding and motivation to be able to do it.

Our task is to remember that we have previously been quite fully enlightened, and that we have chosen and accepted to be sent here at this moment to do a certain spiritual work.

This is the spiritual work that I have been doing on the sacred site of Matawini since many years, and now I see that my intuition was well inspired, and that these messages from the Celestrials propose to attempt to make people become aware of this spiritual work of a focused upon intent of manifestation. My spiritual work on the Matawini site is what I call universal Tantric-Shamanism. Using harmonic-singing, toning and shamanic chanting to create a sacred energetical bridge with the spiritual dimensions. This sacred site is a most inspiring place, you can really feel this energy that it is already existing in the New Age of Light paradigm, as a living prophesy for it's manifestation.

Fundamentally, this seed intent vision, this collectively focused upon intent that have been agreed upon, is to see and visualize the liberation and total purification of Earth from the darkness that has invaded it a long time ago as completely manifested. To ask for our reunification with our blessed Family of Light, which is our rightful inheritance, and the following return of the prophesied New Age of Light on Gaiya.

In this new civilization where mutual exchanges with all spiritually advanced civilizations will again exist on Earth, all those that are ready and willing, will have the possibility of receiving the enlightening spiritual teachings from the Celestrials, who have remained fully connected to the prime creator light, unlike those like us who have accepted the difficult task of the fall into separateness that goes with reincarnating into the low vibrations that reigns here at the moment. The Celestrials have for mission of healing, guiding and helping us to return to our full consciousness, to the spiritual state of oneness with the Creator and his creation from which we came from initially before the starseed project on Earth.

These are the things we must ask for and focus on if we are to have it manifested.

The focused intent on the agreed upon collective seed-ideal has to be manifested first by us on a mental-spiritual level, so that those powers on the higher dimensions can manifest it down toward us and bring it to full birth at this dimensional level.

All that exist in creation is the manifestation of something that once was only an intent of realization that was focused upon with faith and conviction and with keeping in harmony with the divine plan. This is what is asked from the Light workers, to stay in their light, even if things around are in turmoil, and to visualize with a clear intent and faith, the world of light manifested on Earth again, and ask clearly as ambassadors of Earth's aware humanity, for the liberation of Earth from the invasive forces that are in disharmony with this seed-plan of the Creator. Then help will be able to be provided in accord to the cosmic laws, for we would have done our essential part of the process for it to manifest into fruition.

We are to act as anchoring points for this plan in the spiritual light grid of Earth, and this role that is asked of us is quite essential in the overall dynamics of this great dimensional transformation that is one aspect of how it will be birthed into manifestation. We are to go into Oneness where time is transcended, and BE in this energy of the New Age of Light living here NOW. By already being spiritually in the expected outcome, we create an energy bridge that aloud this manifestation to become real in our dimension like a seed contains the giant Tree of Life we are all part of.

We are to understand our collective-intent contribution is instrumental for this seed to bloom into manifestation.

This can be achieved alone, by people who have reached for themselves this level of understanding. All little contribution is highly appreciated by the higher dimensions. But the Celestrials are trying to have us rediscover one essential lost element, that is endowed of a great power of manifestation, the collective group focus aspect, that the ancients knew about, and that we have been made to not know anymore. This is the time to rediscover it. This is taking full responsibility for our vision and acting upon it.

Ideally, it would be physical groups in a community that do this intent-meditation together. This has the greatest power. But many of us are alone in their cities. In this situation, virtual groups are a great second choice, and not only will it bring about the desired results, but we will be at the same time encouraged and healed by the energy of oneness and intent of the virtual meditation circle.

God helps those to whom he has given a mission



visit the Matawini sacred site:





Good morning,

It's cold but sunny and calm here, just North of Toronto.

Conducive to such topics as setting a vision and contemplating the path to achieve it.

I take this seriously and yet not so seriously. Because I really need to be child-like in imagining such things as a pure Earth on which light-beings walk among humans. Even more so, to live in faith and appreciation of such a reality thereafter, for it will happen in divine time and wisdom, I don't know when and how long.

My understanding is that one does the seed-meditation/prayer just once, is that so?

How many of us would be a good number for such a circle, in your opinion? I assume the more, the better... but each one decides for themselves if and when.

In love and light,


Hello Cristina

Having lived for so many years with a sacred site in my life and having had so many transforming experiences linked to it, I understand I am no more representative of the mainstream person. I am not coming from a naive point of view with this seed-vision, but from the point of view of a warrior of light, it is quite different.

But I can quite easely connect with the world of Light which may understandably not be so obvious to all.

From your comment, this vision of seeing the Earth completely healed and liberated from the dark energy that have invaded it, seems to be something that is not easely conceivable for most people.

But can they conceive that it is what is necessary?

Can they conceive the joy and freedom we would feel if it was realized?

This is what is asked from us to my best understanding.

Of course, the key point that makes all the difference, is that it is not our responsability to accomplish this... we are only asked if this is something that we desire deeply and would appreciate fully and if we are ready to do our part of the process which is to focus on the vision of this outcome and ask for the help that the Celestrials can provide to realize this outcome that have been decreed by Creator.

There is one very important element, it is that the Celestrials cannot intervene if we do not ask clearly for their help. Because there is a cosmic law of non intervention that can only be bypassed when enough people on a planet ask for their help and give them clear permission to intervene.

We do not have the power or knowledge or capacity to make this possible, the Celestrials do, and they have assembled a formidable Armada of over a million Light crafts around Earth, specialized in all kind of different fields of intervention to accomplish this plan. They even have planetoid size crafts that will channel in very powerful energies at the right time. One planet like ours, that was under the control of the same dark contingent, have been liberated recently and have gone successfully through Ascension. We are number 2 on the divine agenda of liberation by the assembled forces of the Light.

2012 is D DAY of liberation of Earth by the Forces of Light sent by the Creator.

To me it is very real outcome I pray for and I feel it is powerfully healing to visualize this. It also liberate me from the insidious darkness that have stained our capacity of seeing and living the light.

I simply know I am contributing and helping to bring this planned outcome to realization in focusing on it, because I understand that this is how the laws of the universe function. And I ask for the intersession of the only ones who can actually accomplish this, the spiritually advanced star nations who have been preparing since thousands of years for this great operation of cleansing of this region of the galaxy who is the part of the universe that has been invaded. We are far from being alone in this.

What would be a vision that you think could be shared intuitively by most?




Aho brother,

I hear you and am commited to the same vision. 

I have only awakened about a year ago, so I'm glad and grateful to be in contact with people like you, who have done so much of this work already. It's wonderful.

How do you know all these details about the progress of the Celestials and the light-crafts? About this other planet that has ascended already? About the D-day?

Even the Mayans talk about a time interval, not a day (source: Drunvalo Melchizedek). 

I do now understand the dynamics of the process and what is necessary from us.

It is somewhat difficult for me to imagine something I haven't experienced... That being said, I have done some traveling and seen some sacred places on Earth, have mingled with other light-workers a little. So I have that to go back to in my visualizations.

But even more so, the feelings of joy and freedom that you are speaking of, those are easy for me. They happen in my meditations all the time, it's as you say: we need only ask, help is there, I know that.

It is the part of holding the focus on the vision, through-out my days, afterwards, that seems difficult for me. I'd like to know your thoughts on this, how do you manage?

I did not mean to say it is too difficult however, sorry for the confusion.

Not sure if you are aware of these efforts going on:




My sense is that many of us are trying to come together. 

Not sure, have I answered your questions? 




Dear Cristina

D Day is an expression from the second world war to refer to the landing of the allied forces on the beaches of France that started the liberation of Europe.

So D Day does well apply to 2012 as far as it's meaning is concerned, that of liberation of earth from the invasive forces of darkness. But it does not mean it will happen in one day. it is a transition phase that is already started and will go well until 2015.

Instead of focusing on possible earth turmoil, we focus on the outcome, the objective that will come out of all this and make it all worthwhile, the liberation of Earth by the forces of the light.

I know about the galactic history and the true ancient history of earth, from the channeled information from the Galactic Federation. You can find all this information on my web site on the Galactic federation page, there is a section on the -True ancient history of Earth -.There is also Pleiadian Teachings & The Cosmic Plan pages that include a lot of information on our hidden history.

It is quite essential to know this hidden history to be able to understand the global picture and who we are really and what happened to us to have become what we are today, a mere shadow of our true original self.

We were created as beings of light in a world of light, and this was taken away from us by a negative extraterrestrial race that has a lot of experience in the conquest of new relatively primitive civilizations like ours, in order to steal the natural resource of this planet, because they have badly mismanaged the resources of their home planet. All of this ancient past has been erased of our records, and we are made to believe we came from the apes when we have been brought here as advanced spiritual beings by 4 races of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The darkness existing on Earth is completely artificially created and maintained by the Illuminati secret society that is behind all the major wars that have existed on Earth since millenium.

Knowing that the darkness on this planet is not the nature of things helps us to be able to visualize the reality of a world of light as being the genuine true nature of things. But only when this super mafia that controls all the levers of our institutional network on earth will have been eradicated by the Celestrials, as they have stated is their objective, will this planet again be able to live in true freedom to live the spiritual life as is our birthright. The divine plan for humanity will again be continued after a long interruption.

The idea is to visualize the outcome we desire for earth and humanity during meditation done at our own time.




Dear Cristina:

I understand you Cristina, this is the highest level of education we are all going through, and it is getting more and more into the essential. I am very happy if I can contribute some clarification.

The planet is Supsteen in the Altair constellation if my memory is good. The information come from Mark Kimmel from Cosmic paradigm channel from the Andromedans.

It is on my web site also, which is a compendium of the best info available from many sources.

I thank you for the great gathering link, I like it a lot, it is in my focus very much.

I am ready to start a section on my web site with a blog where people can focus on finding the inspiration for this seed-vision for the ascension according to the laws of the universe.

Would you like to start this sacred circle with me Cristina, and we will probably find other nucleus who are seeking this vision. Lets start by sending to the universe the we are stepping unto this path and asking for guidance and inspiration from all those of the Light that would accompany us on this sacred quest.

Here are some key startup inspiration from the becoming book:




Light and love to you Cristina




I see the importance of clearing all the false associations and drama we play to ourselves. It is our unconscious introversion of the covert influence of the shadow.
Only ourself can free oneself of one's inner bondage to the untruth influence, the doubting of our intrinsic value we have been conditioned to indulge in. We are souls of pure crystal of the primordial Light. We have been made to forget this since the invasion of earth a long time ago. We were not like that before, we were fully connected to the light dimensions and all life was a constant celebration. All this darkness that we have known is a big lie. It does not belong to us. We must now forgive ourself for having lived it thinking it was the genuine state of the world, when it was artificially fabricated and imposed on us. We must forget it completely and reconnect with our true identity of carriers of the sacred light. We must turn our back away from all this darkness once and for all, and turn toward the essence of the Light. We belong there in the blessed world of light. And the world of light is coming back in your neybourhood soon.

in Love and Light forever more
May the sacred circle be unbroken


We appreciate your sharing these messages with friends, and posting to your newsgroups, social media, and websites. May you be blessed and walk with grace!


Messages from The Council of 12

Transmitted through Selacia - February 2010


Creating a More Light-Filled World 


(The Council of 12 at the January 16, 2010 global channeling event)


During 2010, you and your world are continuing in a massive reconfiguration mode. The reconfiguration of your world will take time. Last year, some of the building blocks for large-scale changes were put into place. You will be adding to these, and then working with the new structures, in the coming time period.


Remember that much more goes on behind the scenes than you can detect with conventional sensing.


You will have moments of residing in an agitated and yet seemingly calm type of shifting as you witness and participate in this unique cycle of changes.


Sometimes, you may become impatient, wishing something more substantive would happen. At other times, you may feel dizzy from the quickness and vastness of what is occurring.


There is also a middle ground, a place within which you are more balanced during the changes. Since you live in a world of opposites, however, your attention likely goes to the extremes. That means you may find yourself focusing more on those moments when things seem to be moving too slowly, or on those other moments when things seem to be spinning out of control.


One thing you can be certain of right now is that your world is being reworked because it has become unworkable. It is being reconfigured to allow for the emergence of a new type of human. You don't have a record of what this looks like, nor do you have a proven methodology to accomplish this unprecedented feat.


A Path With No Markers


The path you now travel has no markers. What lies behind you on the path must be left behind. However it was cannot be duplicated. You cannot make a carbon copy of what happened before. You cannot guarantee how the next phase will unfold, either.


What lies ahead of you on the path is uncertain. There is no precedent for how you will navigate these uncertain waters and create a more light-filled world.


Your elders and wisdom keepers of long ago can give you guidelines of what is involved in a major shift of consciousness. They have experience with these types of energies.


Your elders cannot, however, tell you from their own experience how you will do it this time. That's because they did not live at this unique juncture you now face.


Imprint In Your DNA


You are creating the shift in your own way, fueled by an energetic imprint within you that's encoded to do it. This imprint is within your DNA.


On many days, as you are immersed in mundane activities, you may lose sight of this, and of the larger picture of this lifetime. You may tell yourself that you have ordinary stresses, ordinary heartaches, and ordinary achievements.


You may be convinced that an enlightened world is a faraway dream. You may doubt whether anything really significant is happening, despite all of the media attention and light worker communities telling you otherwise.


A wise part of you, with a remembrance of what you have achieved to get to this point, knows better. That part of you does have the big picture. It knows that everything you are doing and everything in your experience is part of a Divine plan of awakening.


There are no accidental jobs, no accidental relationships, and no accidental meetings.


Your conditioned mind wants to have a whole story of something before it will realize the amazing synchronicities in all that you experience. Your conditioned self has you believe that you must be doing a certain kind of job, or have a certain kind of relationship, to be on your path of light. This is nonsense, of course.


Divine Plan for Your Soul


Your life today, including the seemingly mundane things, is a part of the Divine plan for your soul. Trust this.


Allow your inner wisdom to connect you with what you need to know and do next. Trust that this wisdom is operating within you. Invite it to communicate to you daily. Call upon your inner wisdom to help you understand and appropriately respond to the many changes occurring now. This wise part of you has the big picture.


Major changes in your outer world, and also within you personally, are being triggered as the nonworking approaches come to light.


When you look back on these times, you will understand how this major sorting out process led to a dramatically different and more light-filled world.  You will understand how far you have come, what amazing inner strength you really have, and your eternal and boundless connection to spirit.


You will be amazed at how relatively quickly you were able to orchestrate the sorting out of a world seemingly so beyond repair that many people wondered if humanity would need to start at ground zero, or perhaps find a new planet. 

Your Sorting Process

To get a picture of what you are in the process of doing, imagine that you and your society are in the center of a circle.


Visualize that circle now. Giant conveyor belts stretch in front of you in every direction, and they are in the "on" position. It's as though the universe is giving you the green light to place your nonworking energies on the conveyor belts. Those belts keep moving until you have deposited all of your Third Dimensional conditioning, and all of the structures that you have built to service your Third Dimensional reality.


What does this mean for you as a Divine Changemaker?


First of all, it means that you play an instrumental role in the sorting process. You face what no longer works and discover the pieces that need to go on the conveyor belt. It is a letting go process on a grand scale!


Sometimes you may feel like the conveyor belt is not carrying away the debris fast enough. Sometimes it means you need to repair, rather than toss out.


Reconfiguration of Relationships


Relationships are just one example. Most light workers right now are facing major reevaluation of key relationships. When relating to others is ego-centered, rather than heart-centered, adjustments need to be made. The new paradigm world you are creating has no place for ego-centered relationships based on manipulation and control.


The major repairs most relationships need to fit in with the new paradigm model would make the reality TV show "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" seem like a stroll at the seashore. If you have ever seen one of those shows, the TV crew comes in and oftentimes must nearly demolish the existing structure, and then rebuild. That happens, of course, with the family out of the house on vacation.


With your relationships and with the other things in your world that need revamping, you don't have the luxury of leaving home while the changes are made. Also, oftentimes you must juggle changes in several areas of your life simultaneously. Faced with this, even the calmest person can sometimes feel stressed and insufficient for the task at hand. 


The current phase of reconfiguration involves a lot of sorting. You are discovering which things to toss out, which things to repair, which things to trade in, and which things to revamp. This is both personal and planetary.


It is happening with countries attempting to negotiate issues that are pivotal to humanity's survival. It is happening in your home town, with people feeling uneasy and unsure about how they will fit in with what's coming next. It is happening within you personally, as you become more self-aware and better understand your purpose of being alive during these historic moments.


Moving Out of 3-D


The process of moving out of your Third Dimensional conditioning is not an easy one. There is much to unlearn, much to remember, and much to discover about how to skillfully make the transition. Your Third Dimensional reality is fear-based and full of secrets, untruths, and distortions of what's really real.


When you live in this conventional reality, you can look into the mirror, but you are often tricked by what you see. You get attached to outer appearances, and you forget that what's truly important is the love and what is inside of you.


In your Third Dimensional reality, you really cannot see yourself as spirit sees you. Your essence is obscured, and only the very dedicated with proper spiritual training are able to see themselves with much clarity.


Similarly, as you look at other people, your conditioned mind cannot fully see the light that other people hold. You may sometimes see glimmers of that light, if you know how to look for it, but the person's essence is veiled.


You can identify people when you meet them, or when you see a photo of them. You likely know something about them, too. The deeper level of who these people are spiritually, however, may elude you.


New Transparency Energy


You seek transparency, and to really know yourself and others. Of all the lifetimes you could have lived, this one in particular will allow the truths that were hidden to be uncovered and made transparent. This year will be the foundation of setting the new transparency energy in place. Transparency will be a theme not only in 2010 but throughout the rest of the 2012 window.


What does the cycle of transparency really mean?


Certainly, it relates to your institutions and leaders being more transparent about how they are wielding the power you have entrusted in them. In general, transparency means that the walls that separate fact from fiction are weakening under the force of humanity's emerging light consciousness. It is becoming harder to hide truth.


Earth's history is being examined within new energies, as scientists and policymakers seek solutions for your out-of-balance world. Dots are being connected that could not be connected before. Those from the scientific and spiritual communities are coming together in new ways to look at what you are discovering about reality.


Many truths that you as a light worker have long accepted are just now getting the attention of those with the power to unveil them. As this occurs, and the everyday person receives the information, a great leap in humanity's consciousness can occur!


On a personal level, transparency means that you are having potent catalysts to see yourself more clearly, and to heal longstanding issues that you could not grasp so easily before. This will allow you to see the past, present, and future with new eyes.


When you hold a new vision of your past, and of your overall purpose here, everything will change.


When you can become neutral about the past, you catalyze great lightness of being in your present. You are able to silence your "if only" comments of regret. You are able to silence your harsh criticism of what you or others did before. You are able to hear the voice of your inner wisdom without the filter of past hurts or fantasies. You have a new freedom to be.


Contemplate today one aspect of your past you can become more neutral about this year. Invite spirit to bring you the resources that you need to become free.


As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.


Copyright 2010 by Selacia, Channel for The Council of 12,

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From Selacia--This message is meant to address two themes that will be with us for the remainder of this 2012 window, and even beyond:  reconfiguration and transparency. The people I work with across the world are seeking to better understand all of the changes. Those I work with in private sessions are seeking to clear their past so that they can fully express their light and their purpose.


People participating in the global Council of 12 channeling events are seeking to connect more deeply with truth, with their inner knowing, and with a sense of community. Those from all walks of life want to discover a more simple way to be, and to feel more connected and whole. 


The Council of 12, in this message, addresses our current energies and how each of us can view the chaos and craziness with new eyes. They show us how we have imprinted within our DNA the energies that will fuel our successful shifting out of density. We know how to do it. We can help each other to do it. It is our very destiny to do this.


The Council suggests that you sit with their words, allowing your heart to show you what is true for you personally. As you connect with that, you will also get a sense of your next steps, along with inspiration and confidence in taking them.